Sheldon & Amy – Fall 2023

Oct 24, 2023 | Blog, Family

We took Sheldon & Amy out to Wascana Trails to capture some new photos with a fall backdrop. The last time we had seen these two was at their wedding in 2021, so we had a lot to catch up on!

This couple shares a deep love of serving others. Both Sheldon and Amy are such giving people and use their professions as ways to serve others.

Amy was recently volunteering as a chaplain with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in British Columbia, for families who had been affected by the devastating forest fires this summer. I cannot think of a person more suited to this kind of work. Amy’s heart and gentle, caring demeanour, alongside her nursing skills, would be a tremendous asset to any team she deploys with.

Sheldon is a pilot, but not an airline pilot in the way most think. He flies an air ambulance, which transfers patients between hospitals. Or he transports medical teams to a designated site and then returns them to the hospital after surgery. Both he and Amy have such servant hearts and are a tremendous blessing to all around them.

In addition to their big hearts, these two share a love of some nerdisms that speak deeply to us. They didn’t have a first dance at their wedding, but they humoured us and shared one at our session. But the song choice was a little out of the ordinary- which I LOVE. They giggled together as they danced at the bottom of the valley, as did we, behind our cameras.

We also share a fond love of Star Wars. When Amy asked if they could get pictures with their ADORABLE shirts, you can imagine our emphatic, “Uh, YES PLEASE!” Like how cute are these?!? We will forever be suckers for these classic lines spoken by Leia & Han. You can bet we were all for it, and may already be looking for some of our own…

Sheldon & Amy, thank you for who you are. You are such wonderful people who ask intentional and heartfelt questions. You aren’t afraid to offer a hug or speak to people in their time of pain. I want to encourage you to keep leaning into that, as it is an incredible gift that you possess. We are so thankful that we have been part of your love story and cannot wait to catch up with you at our next session.


Cam & Courtney

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{ Sheldon & Amy – Fall 2023 }

Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 01 - Couple walks through tall grass
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 02 - Couple in hoodies laugh together
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 03 - Matching Star Wars shirts
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 04 - Wife laughs at her husband
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 05 - Wife leads husband on a walk
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 06 - Couple sits on a bench together
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 07 - Husband & wife share a kiss on the path
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 08 - Couple holds hands as they walk
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 09 - Husband keeps his wife warm
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 10 - Couple stand by river
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 11 - Woman in pink Carhartt sweater smiles at camera
Sheldon & Amy - Wascana Trails - 12 - Couple gazes into each others eyes at sunset


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