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Andrew & Stephanie - Sunset by the Italian Club Regina
Andrew & Stephanie - Sunset by the Italian Club Regina

We previously posted a blog series sharing questions to ask in your search for a wedding photographer. We figured it was only fair that we share our answers to the questions we’ve told you to ask! So here we go, these are our answers to those frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The Importance of Photography on the Wedding Day

Obviously, this one is completely up to you to determine. Cam & I believe that on such an important day, like your wedding, that photography is really important. No, I’m not just saying that because we are photographers. We were married too, we’ve been there! Once the wedding is over, those photos are what you have to remember the day. You’ll share those images with your kids. Each photo can spark a memory of a story to share.
We are not merely capturing an image, but the emotion behind it. Years down the road, you can sit down with those photos and remember how you were feeling at that exact moment. We believe that photography is a fantastic way to not only preserve those moments but the emotions behind them. Photography can transport us back to that time as if we were living it all over again.

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Amount of Coverage Time

Through the many weddings that we have photographed over the years, we have come to realize that most weddings need 8 hours of coverage. That will allow you the time you need for everything from the bridal prep all the way to the end of the main events of the reception.
That also allows us the time we need to capture the images to tell your story in your gallery and your album.
If you do need extra time though, we can add additional hours before the wedding or even on the day if things are running behind.

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Quality & Portfolio

We do our best to keep our website portfolio and blog, Facebook page and Instagram account updated with our most recent client shoots. As you look through, you will notice that we take a lifestyle approach to shooting. We try to focus on the real moments between the two of you. We help by giving you direction into poses that will be most flattering, but we always encourage you to settle in and make it your own!

Of course, we will always capture those classic smiling photos for mom and grandma. Our main focus is to encourage genuine emotion between you that will produce authentic images of you simply being you! Photos don’t have to be a painful experience, they can and should be a lot of fun!

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Education & Experience

In 2011, I began second shooting weddings with another local photographer. After doing a few, I fell in LOVE with it! When I started shooting weddings on my own a couple of years later, Cam joined in to be my second shooter and editor extraordinaire. We are strong believers in continuing education and love to learn all that we can.

Cam & I have completed our certificate from The International Academy of Wedding Photographers. We dedicate a lot of time watching/listening to training seminars for learning new techniques and honing our skills. This means we’re usually practicing on our live-in (and sometimes willing) models – our kids!

Cam & I both strongly believe in paying our knowledge forward. As we continue to learn and grow in our business, we want to also build into other photographers in our community. We truly believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats”, and sharing our knowledge with one another can only make the community stronger as a whole.

It is our aim to do that very thing in Regina. Previously we organized a De-stylized Wedding Workshop, aimed to help local photographers practice real-life wedding scenarios in a workshop environment. Someone took the time to invest in us, so we believe it is important for us to do the same!

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Number of Photographers

All of our packages come with two photographers. So that means EVERY engagement and wedding we shoot comes with both Cam & I. We’re a team in life and in photography, and we just love working together! They’re kind of like mini-dates for us. After a wedding, one of my favourite things is to see our images side-by-side.

Capturing the exact same moment from a different angle provides you with two perspectives. Cam sees things just slightly different than I do, but I love that we can give our clients two different, but very complementary angles!

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Personality is King

Just like any relationship, we cannot guarantee that we will “click” with every couple we meet with. We may not be the best fit for you, and that is 100% ok and I promise we won’t be offended. Cam & I firmly believe in having an honest relationship with our clients.

When a client chooses us, it is more than merely a transaction. We want to encourage you in your journey towards the wedding day, and beyond as you are married. Each of our clients has amazing stories to tell and we are so excited that we have the opportunity to be welcomed into that story!

If we aren’t the right fit for you, that is ok! More than anything, Cam & I want you to have the right photographer in place for your wedding day. And, call us crazy, but if we aren’t the right fit, we will even offer suggestions to help you find the right one. The right fit for you is that important to us!

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Your Input

In our consults with potential clients, we want to hear all about you! Your wedding is a big deal so we want to know about your wedding and everything that you dream it to be. We love collaborating with our couples to come up with location ideas and unique aspects of their day. We want to customize it as best we can to capture who you are and what you love to do together!

Weddings involve a lot of planning. With that, some of our clients are so overwhelmed with other choices leading up to the big day. If you would prefer that we handle coming up with options, we are more than happy to share our ideas! In the months leading up to the wedding, we will put together a timeline to plan out the details of the day. That’s one thing that we can help take off your plate in the planning process!

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One thing we love to offer to our clients is a wedding album. We are always excited to deliver our clients their digital images, but handing over an online gallery just doesn’t have quite as big an impact… Our albums are handmade in Italy and custom-designed for each couple. The albums are so beautiful that we can’t help but show them off, so we know you will too!

It is our goal to give you something tangible to share their memories. We searched long and hard for an album company we could stand behind, and are SO excited for you to receive your finalized album! This is your first family heirloom, it is a big deal!

We are often asked if we also provide digital images for our clients. We do offer digital images for every wedding booked with us. You receive them in an online gallery, which makes it really easy to access, download, share and print! 

If you would prefer prints, artwork or albums to readily display in your home, we can help with that! For larger prints, we highly recommend working with the professional printing labs we are partnered with, who do amazing work with large-scale and specialty items. But with your full printing rights in your online gallery, you are welcome to print at any local lab or make your own photo books too!

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Turnaround Time

One of our most FAQ and one of my favourite to answer is “What is your turnaround time?”.

Most of us have heard horror stories of brides waiting 6 months to a year (or even longer) before they even see their wedding images. We guarantee that our couples receive their images within 90 days, but honestly, it will probably be about half that! After you receive your gallery, we will have you go through the images and select your album images (if applicable). Once we’ve ordered your handmade wedding album or any products, you will have them in hand within 2-3 weeks. So potentially, you could have all your images AND products within 6-9 weeks of your wedding!

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I hope we’ve helped answer some of your own FAQ, but we know you may have more! Please contact us with your questions or to set up a consultation. Cam & I would love to meet with you and your fiancee to hear all about your big day!

We wish you all the best to you as you plan out your wedding and search for the perfect photographer for you!


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