Michael & Briana – Winter Engagement 2023

Nov 6, 2023 | Blog, Engagement

We have captured some exciting moments for Michael’s family, and through those, had the chance to meet him and Briana. For those other sessions, they played the roles of supportive older siblings as they attended graduations for their brother and sister. But this session was all about them, celebrating their big moment- Michael & Briana’s engagement!

As much as we are always wishing that winter would hold off, there is something magical about that first snowfall or two, which is exactly what we had for Michael & Briana’s engagement session.

When Michael & Briana contacted us only a couple of weeks prior to their engagement session, the weather was drastically different. It was still sunny and relatively warm. But by the time their engagement session rolled around, things had changed so much. There was a good amount of snow on the ground and a little nip in the air – and thankfully on this day, that is all it was, a little nip!

It was a perfect day for a wintery engagement session as we captured this amazing couple around the University of Regina Library. Not only did this location provide us with some shelter from the wind, but it also added to the lightness that these two brought with them!

One thing that we are always humbled by, but honestly a little amused by as well, is when we begin a session with a couple. They usually start out a little apprehensive as they don’t know what to expect, but within MINUTES we have gained enough trust that these couples will literally jump at the prompts we give them. Michael & Briana were no exception. Within minutes of starting the session, these two were completely natural with every prompt and pose.

As we moved the session to the park across the street, big, beautiful ‘movie snow’ snowflakes began to fall – it was gorgeous! Michael and Briana danced and strolled through the snowy landscape, allowing us to capture their love and the way they could, with a glance, make each other smile and laugh!

I must be honest, eventually the winter weather did get to us as the snow increased. So, it was time to move indoors. And where better to go than the beautiful greenery of Dutch Growers! For any fellow plant lovers, you know that this is a fantastic plant oasis. But even as photographers, this location is one of our favourites – with its plethora of natural light and plant life. It reminds us, year-round, of a time when it will, again, be warm outside!

This also made for almost a dual session – one half with a magical winter touch and one filled with warmth, and lush greenery. This was perfect, as Michael & Briana will be getting married in Maui next spring, so we could incorporate some of the lush greenery that will surround the mountain golf course where they will have their intimate wedding ceremony. With the trust we had gained with Michael & Briana, they had no problem embracing our wackiness and requests – even now with the on-looking other shoppers!

The way these two can hold each other with a gaze and embrace one another, you know this is true love. As young as they are, they have already been together for 10 years and have started off with a strong foundation. These two approach each other with love, humility and honesty.

Michael & Briana, as you prepare for your destination wedding to Maui, may you continue to hold one another with the utmost respect and love. Thank you for trusting us and for embracing our goofiness. You guys were absolute rock stars! We pray all the richest blessings over your engagement and marriage in the months and years ahead!


Cam & Courtney

{ Michael & Briana – Winter Engagement 2023 }

Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 01 - UofR - Walking Together
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 02 - UofR - Touching Noses
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 03 - UofR - Couple looking at camera
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 04 - UofR - Swinging arms as couple walks
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 05 - UofR - Couple snuggling in together and giving a piggy back ride
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 06 - UofR - Piggy Back ride in Black and White
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 07 - UofR - Winter engagement session in the park
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 08 - UofR - Couple going in for a kiss
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 09 - UofR - Couple having fun in the snow
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 10 - UofR - Couple snuggling as the snow falls
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 11 - UofR - Couple kissing in the snow
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 12 - Dutch Growers - Couple in greenhouse
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 13 - Dutch Growers - Close up of ring from Clean Origin
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 14 - Dutch Growers - Couple walking through the plants at Dutch Growers
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 15 - Dutch Growers - Briana looking at camera while Michael kisses her forehead
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 16 - Dutch Growers - Wrapped up together
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 17 - Dutch Growers - Couple in a greenhouse
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 18 - Dutch Growers - Couple posing in greenhouse
Michael & Briana - Engagement Session - 19 - Dutch Growers - Engagement Ring from Clean Origin

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  1. As your Momma and soon to be Momma-in-law, I am i tears seeing these beautiful photos. Courtney and Cam, you have such an eye for special moments and have once again produced some amazing photos. There is so much happiness, affection and beauty captured here. We are so happy for you Michael and Briana and can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you in Maui. We love you, always, ❤️xo


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