Paul & Lubomyra – Winter 2024

Jan 25, 2024 | Blog, Family

Amid Regina’s winter cold snap, we had the pleasure of reuniting with an incredible couple, Paul and Lubomyra, just a year and a half after their beautiful summer wedding. Embracing the challenges of the extreme cold, we sought refuge indoors at the TC Douglas Building for a cozy, intimate photo session that radiated the warmth of their love.

Living in Saskatchewan, and given the weather extremes, our winter photography is fairly limited. We’ve lived here our whole lives and we are still never quite prepared for these cold snaps! But we are very thankful for venues that allow us to use their indoor space and couples who will brave the extreme cold to travel. 

Photographing couples year after year, as they grow in their marriage, is a true joy for us. As much as we love shooting weddings, our favourite part is growing with our couples. We love catching up with them, hearing their stories about life since the wedding, and remembering those funny aspects of their special day. Paul and Lubomyra, like many couples we’ve had the pleasure of photographing, hold a special place in our hearts. 

While the frosty winds howled outside, the TC Douglas Building offered us sanctuary. A beautiful backdrop bathed in natural light filtered through the large windows with a plethora of greenery surrounding us. The bite of the cold quickly dissipated with the love and joy shared inside. 

It was so good to see Paul and Lubomyra again, those same smiles that echoed the joy on their wedding day. The passage of time since the wedding has only deepened the connection between them, which was evident in the way they spoke to each other, and effortlessly shared laughter, exchanging glances full of love. These two can make each other laugh with a glance, a sound, a witty comment, or some newfound dance moves. And that kind of connection warms our hearts! 

As we wrapped up the session, bidding farewell to Paul & Lubomyra, we were left with a collection of images that beautifully encapsulated their love. Now a year and a half after their wedding day, their journey continues to unfold, and we feel privileged to capture these moments of their evolving story. The wedding is an exciting event, but marriage is an incredible journey! 

Paul and Lubomyra, thank you for inviting us to be part of this winter session! Your love for one another is a beacon, shining through even the coldest of days. As you navigate the seasons of life together, may your warmth and joy continue to light up each chapter, in whatever may come next! 


Cam & Courtney

{ Paul & Lubomyra – Winter 2024 }

Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 01 - Couple walks holding hands
Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 02 - Woman smiles in front of a wall of greenery
Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 03 - Couple laughs together
Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 04 - Couple in front of the living wall
Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 05 - Wife whispers to her husband
Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 06 - Wife wraps her husband up in a hug
Paul & Lubomyra - Winter 2024 - TC Douglas Building - 07 - Couple dances together


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