Evan & Melissa – Winter Engagement 2023

Nov 27, 2023 | Blog, Engagement

Evan & Melissa’s story has everything that heartwarming Hallmark movies are made of. These two have known each other since they were kids, which always warms our hearts, as that is part of our story too! When she was in the fifth grade, Melissa’s family moved to another province putting a halt on their connection, but thankfully, only temporarily.

Years later, Evan & Melissa reconnected. First, over social media and then they graduated to exchanging numbers, and the texting began. As their rekindled connection continued to blossom and grow, their friendship transformed into a dating relationship. It took Evan very little time to know that Melissa was the “one”. Melissa took a little longer, but she quickly realized that Evan was the real deal, a true gentleman, and her “one” as well.

One of Melissa’s other passions is Christmas. She is self-proclaimed “obsessed” with Christmas. Christmas is a season of joy, family and love. She didn’t know it at the time, but Christmas was about to be filled with even more magic than could be prepared for. Melissa was just thrilled to be spending Christmas with her amazing man.

They gathered to celebrate with Evan’s family on Christmas Eve. As happens with young adults of a certain age, everyone was prodding Evan, asking when he and Melissa would finally get engaged. Evan, being a HUGE Toronto Maple Leafs fan, cooly joked to his family that if the Leafs won the Stanley Cup, then he would propose to Melissa. Which, at that point, looked like it might actually be a possibility! But little did they all know, regardless of the Leafs’ fate, Evan had some plans in mind for the following day.

On Christmas morning, in the cozy embrace of their home, Evan put his plan into motion. What started as an innocent request for a selfie in front of the tree, quickly changed the title, in the first moments of their next chapter. Melissa patiently waited in the living room for Evan to capture the moment, time lingering as he took his time preparing. As Evan returned, now ready for the selfie, instead of posing with Melissa, he dropped to one knee in the soft glow of their Christmas lights.

As they have journeyed through this last year, now as an engaged couple, they have been busy planning and preparing for their upcoming summer 2024 wedding. And we are so excited that this includes us! A couple of weeks ago we got to spend an afternoon with Evan & Melissa for their engagement photo session. We had just come out of a week that was frigid, but thankfully this day was pleasantly warm with little to no wind (that, in itself, is a miracle for Saskatchewan).

As we strolled through the beautiful Parkridge Park, we were able to get a mix of fall colours with a light dusting of snow, all adding up to a magical session. The beauty of the day, only to be outdone by the beautiful love that these two share.

Evan & Melissa, your Hallmark movie basically writes itself! From childhood friends to a Christmas proposal, and now a snowy engagement, we are so excited for your next chapter! As we have already seen from your relationship, we have no doubt that your wedding and your marriage will be filled with love, joy and a special spot for the magic of Christmas!


Cam & Courtney

{ Evan & Melissa – Winter Engagement 2023 }

Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 01 - Couple walking through the snow
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 02 - Groom cuddles his bride to be
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 03 - Groom holds bride to be tight
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 04 - Couple pose amidst evergreen trees in Parkridge Park
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 05 - Couple hold hands and laugh together
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 06 - Woman holds hand on her soon to be husband
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 07 - Groom smiles at his bride
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 08 - Beautiful ring from Victoria Jewellers
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 09 - Couple sit together on a bench
Evan & Melissa - Winter Engagement - Parkridge Park - 10 - Couple skip down the path


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