Orrin & Jade – Fall Wedding 2022

Oct 21, 2022 | Blog, Wedding

This fall has been incredible. As we drove down the streets of Weyburn, each street was glowing with trees of deep reds, yellows and oranges. We knew that it was going to be the perfect day for Orrin & Jade.

Groom preparation took place at Orrin & Jade’s new home that they purchased this summer. On top of all of the wedding planning, they had begun a full-scale renovation of this home, so excited to make it their own. The street echoed with laughter and excitement as Orrin’s groomsmen helped him to prepare and look his best for Jade.

As we walked into the hotel, the bridal suite buzzed with excitement. Dresses, hanging in the window, being steamed in final preparation for the bridesmaids. For Jade, this was an extra special moment- as her mom had done her hair and makeup for the day. What a special gift to be able to help your daughter prepare for her big day!

Jade’s younger brother was tasked with keeping the rings safe. And he did exactly that. So much so, that when it came time to exchange the rings, the ribbons fixing them to the pillow could not be UNtied! While I don’t know that he can claim responsibility for this, they were so secure, that the rings had to be cut off the pillow. Good thing one of the groomsmen had come prepared with his “formal wedding pocket knife”, saving the day! I can say we’ve seen a lot of things in the many weddings we’ve shot, but this was the first time we have seen a priest wielding a knife at the altar!

Orrin & Jade compiled an amazing group to stand up with them as they made this choice. Some friends since childhood, some more recent in the last few years. Orrin’s best man, Paul, travelled all the way from Australia to join in the day. Each person added their own spice to the day, creating a perfect recipe for Orrin & Jade to feel celebrated and the excitement they have been building up to for the last year.

Orrin & Jade, we are so thankful that we were able to be part of this day. You were so relaxed, being focused only on the reason for the day: marrying your best friend. All the extras were just a bonus, but the joy that was painted on your faces throughout the day showed that your priority was each other. We pray the richest blessings over you in your marriage, as you continue to renovate your home and settle into your life together.


Cam & Courtney

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{ Orrin & Jade – Fall Wedding 2022 }

Orrin & Jade - 01 - Weyburn Wedding - Wedding bands from York Jewellers
Orrin & Jade - 02 - Weyburn Wedding - Groomsmen helps groom with his tie
Orrin & Jade - 03 - Weyburn Wedding - Groom with his groomsmen
Orrin & Jade - 04 - Weyburn Wedding - Groom & groomsmen share in a cigar
Orrin & Jade - 05 - Weyburn Wedding - Brides champagne Wedding dress from NWL
Orrin & Jade - 07 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride sits with her bridesmaids on white bed
Orrin & Jade - 06 - Weyburn Wedding - Bridesmaids steaming green Azazie dresses
Orrin & Jade - 08- Weyburn Wedding - Brides mother helps her do up her buttons
Orrin & Jade - 09 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride waits patiently with her hands folded
Orrin & Jade - 10 - Weyburn Wedding - Wedding bands from York Jewellers
Orrin & Jade - 11 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride applies her lipstick in the mirror
Orrin & Jade - 12 - Weyburn Wedding - Bridesmaid helps bride put on jewelry
Orrin & Jade - 13 - Weyburn Wedding - Best man brings up pocket knife
Orrin & Jade - 14 - Weyburn Wedding - Priest cuts rings off the pillow with a pocket knife
Orrin & Jade - 15 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom exchange rings
Orrin & Jade - 16 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom share their first kiss as a married couple
Orrin & Jade - 17 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom stand outside St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Orrin & Jade - 18 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom with their ring bearer and flower girls
Orrin & Jade - 19 - Weyburn Wedding - Groom whispers to his bride
Orrin & Jade - 20 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom walk together outside Signal Hill Arts Centre
Orrin & Jade - 21 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom pause under a tree
Orrin & Jade - 22 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride holds onto her grooms lapel
Orrin & Jade - 23 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride looks like a princess as she walks under a tree
Orrin & Jade - 24 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom walk with their bodies glued together
Orrin & Jade - 25 - Weyburn Wedding - Bride & Groom stand together in the street
Orrin & Jade - 26 - Weyburn Wedding - Bridal party walks in front of the water tower
Orrin & Jade - 27 - Weyburn Wedding - Wedding party laughs in the street
Orrin & Jade - 28 - Weyburn Wedding - Groom with his groomsmen in their Colin O'Brian suits
Orrin & Jade - 38 - Weyburn Wedding-Groom-holds-bride-as-they-sit-in-tall-grass

Wedding Vendors

Bride’s Hair: Styles on Sixth
Bridesmaids’ Hair: Cal’s Beauty Corner
Bride’s Dress: NWL | Sophia Tolli Australia
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Colin O’Brian
Rings: York Jewellers
Wedding Cake: Domesticated Caker
Ceremony Venue: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
Reception Venue: McKenna Hall

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