Orrin & Jade – Summer Engagement 2022

Jul 20, 2022 | Blog, Engagement

You know that we’re suckers when it comes to lifelong friends turning into more, as our story is very similar! Orrin & Jade met in elementary school and were friends for many years. When he was in grade eight, Orrin’s mom encouraged him to start praying for his future spouse.

At that time, he was interested in another girl, but he asked that God would give him three signs of the woman who would one day be his wife. Orrin received the first two signs, and the last was that no matter what he did, he just could not stop thinking about Jade! Which he found to be so weird- they were good friends, but he hadn’t ever thought of her that way before.

Grade nine came, and Orrin & Jade started officially dating. Their first date was to a movie at the theatre in Weyburn. Orrin’s group of friends were going to the movie and he invited Jade to join. They were looking for seats for everyone to sit together, and while his friends scoped out seats all in a row, they noticed a steady leak from the ceiling onto one roped-off chair. This dripping separated two seats from everyone else. It seemed perfect, so they took those two seats!

When Orrin decided he was going to propose, he consulted with Jade about what kind of ring she wanted. They began looking at types of rings together to get some ideas. Taking into account her input, and what he knew he wanted, he went to see York Jewellers in Weyburn. Orrin learned that they would have to order the one he wanted, but they couldn’t promise it would be in by Christmas. He remained hopeful, and lo and behold, the call came the week before Christmas- the ring had arrived!

Last year, Orrin & Jade had decided that they wanted to start cooking meals together. He told Jade that he had an idea: to continue to cook together but to have a dress-up, fancy meal once a month. So the day planned for this fancy meal came, and while Jade was at the store buying the ingredients that she was told they would need, Orrin had gotten off work early. He got a meal ready himself and made Jade’s favourite meal, Chicken Kiev.

It was such a lovely surprise, and they sat down to eat the delicious meal that Orrin had prepared. When it was time to clean up, Jade got up, taking their dishes to the sink to start washing. She turned to grab something, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Orrin down on one knee.

This did not elicit any response from Jade. Orrin has a reputation of being quite a jokester, so she just ignored him. He had to grab her hands, and physically turn her around to get her to pay attention to him, letting her know that this was no joke. Jade was utterly blindsided- she did expect it was coming, but not quite yet!

Orrin & Jade, we are so thankful that we get the opportunity to capture some of your life’s big moments! Seeing the two of you together warms my heart- the love you share radiates in every glance, and smile. There is an abundance of love here, and we cannot wait to watch it continue to grow as you get married this fall!


Cam & Courtney

{ Orrin & Jade – Summer Engagement 2022 }

Orrin & Jade - 01 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple walks in front of faded door
Orrin & Jade - 03 - Weyburn Engagement - Bride to be hugs her groom
Orrin & Jade - 02 - Weyburn Engagement - Groom whispers in his brides ear
Orrin & Jade - 04 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple sits on ground together
Orrin & Jade - 05 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple holds hands with engagement ring
Orrin & Jade - 06 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple giggles as they go in for a kiss
Orrin & Jade - 07 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple embraces in summer sunlight
Orrin & Jade - 08 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple laughs in the sunlight
Orrin & Jade - 09 - Weyburn Engagement - Beautiful summer sunlight
Orrin & Jade - 10 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple walks through field of grass
Orrin & Jade - 11 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple sits in field of grass
Orrin & Jade - 12 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple plays with chewing tall grass
Orrin & Jade - 13 - Weyburn Engagement - Engagement ring from York Jewellers in Weyburn
Orrin & Jade - 14 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple walks through field of grass
Orrin & Jade - 15 - Weyburn Engagement - Couple embrace overlooking the water
Orrin & Jade - 16 - Weyburn Engagement - Silhouette of couple standing in a summer field


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