Moffatt Family – Fall 2022

Sep 28, 2022 | Blog, Family

We love shootings weddings. We love shooting engagements. We love shooting family sessions. But our FAVOURITE thing is when we not only get to do all of that, but we get to catch up with the couple or family year after year! It is amazing to see these couples grow together, become parents and of course, watch their little ones grow too!

We got to catch up with the Moffatt family recently. And not just Nathan & Allie, but we got to see how much their little Theo has grown! Theo is so full of life and energy and it was SO much fun! As we walked around AE Wilson park, Theo wasn’t too keen to sit for photos. Instead, he insisted on exploring every path that lay ahead of him. So we did exactly that – we let Theo lead the way and blaze a trail for adventure. As we followed Theo around the beautiful, nature-filled island, we were able to capture some wonderfully adorable pictures of this family.

Nathan & Allie – we absolutely LOVE the time we get to spend with you! To see you both as parents just warms our hearts. That boy of yours is so precious and we couldn’t get enough of him! And that bow tie, I mean COME ON! He is too adorable.

We love you guys and can’t wait to catch up with you again!


Cam & Courtney

{ Moffatt Family – Fall 2022 }

Moffatt Family - 01 - Regina Family Session - Family walks in AE Wilson Park
Moffatt Family - 03 - Regina Family Session - Parents swing their son by his arms
Moffatt Family - 02 - Regina Family Session - Parents watch as their little boy with a bow tie walks down trail
Moffatt Family - 04 - Regina Family Session - Family poses on a path in AE Wilson Park
Moffatt Family - 05 - Regina Family Session - Family sitting on blanket in tall grass
Moffatt Family - 06 - Regina Family Session - Family session at sunset
Moffatt Family - 07 - Regina Family Session - Little boy in bow tie hangs upside down
Moffatt Family - 08 - Regina Family Session - Family in tall grass
Moffatt Family - 09 - Regina Family Session - Pictures for mom and dad
Moffatt Family - 11 - Regina Family Session - Little boy in a bow tie with brilliant blue eyes
Moffatt Family - 10 - Regina Family Session - Family on bridge in AE Wilson Park


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