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Sep 10, 2018 | Blog, Engagement

The air is crisp, and pumpkin spice flavours are readily available for almost anything you want to eat. *Contented sigh*. I am one happy camper because- fall is upon us! Well, it’s not ‘officially’ fall I suppose, but the feeling of fall is definitely in the air. I don’t love the leaf clean-up that comes with fall or the fact that winter comes next. BUT who doesn’t love the coziness that fall brings? Fall means sweaters with scarves and boots, fuzzy and snuggly blankets- yay! This may label me as ‘basic’, but I’m not even mad or sorry! The valley was showing off for us in a BIG way for Allie & Nathan’s fall engagement session.

Nathan & Allie met a number of years ago- Nathan was first friends with her brother. In her words, Allie eventually wore him down by annoying him enough, and then he finally took her on their first date. When I asked about the engagement story, she told me that she knew about the engagement before it happened. Apparently, after a few drinks, Nathan told Allie that he was going to marry her someday. He then proceeded to tell her the exact date range in which she should be available! He has no recollection of this event, but Allie was ready and waiting for months before it happened.

Nathan & Allie, thank you so much for trusting us to capture your love. Thank you for opening up to us, and allowing us to record another chapter in your story. I’m SO thankful that you willingly followed us into an alpaca pen (WITH permission, of course- even though the alpacas altogether ignored us) and then into the world’s largest culvert. It is such a huge compliment when our couples trust our artistic vision will result in something magical- even if it looks a bit crazy to them! Cam & I are so excited for you, and the journey that lays ahead- marriage is awesome!


Courtney & Cam

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  1. Looks great

    • Thank you, Randy! They were so much fun to work with!

  2. Great looking couple and great pictures

    • Thank you so much, Laura! They really are a great couple!

  3. Awesome pics!
    Love mom

    • Thank you, Tracy! Congratulations on your soon-to-be Mr and Mrs! Such an exciting time for everyone!!



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