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Oct 5, 2021 | Blog, Engagement

Andrew & Alisha were among those who were dating during this incredibly strange time in our world. Let’s be honest, conventional dating during a pandemic is difficult. Especially when things were in lockdown. But dating is SO important both before and after you are married. So important, in fact, that it is one of our “3 Tips to a Healthier Marriage” – Never Stop Dating.

One of the resources we reference in that post is The Adventure Challenge, which is something that Andrew & Alisha used in their pandemic dating life (not because of our post, but great minds think alike!). This book gives you instructions for creative date ideas. You then write in the book what you did and take photos of the date to put in the book as a keepsake to look back on.

Due to the world being in lockdown, Andrew & Alisha had been working through the various “at-home date challenges” from The Adventure Challenge: Couple’s Edition. For Valentine’s Day, they chose the date idea where they would blindfold their significant other and feed them 5 foods. Alisha went first, taking Andrew’s photo and feeding him her 5 food selections.

When it came time for Andrew to feed Alisha, he had laid out the food on a cutting board and once she was blindfolded, handed it to her to hold for the photo. Little did she know, in the middle of the assortment of foods he had prepared was a ring box!!! He fed her the four foods that he had prepared, but when it came time for the last ‘course’, Andrew asked Alisha to move from the floor, where they had been sitting, onto the couch. She found this to be a little weird but obliged his request.

As Alisha moved to the couch, Andrew turned on a song and asked Alisha to remove her blindfold. What she saw, was Andrew down on one knee beginning to tear up and cry. All he could manage to get out was “Marry me” and Alisha of course said “YES!”

I seriously don’t know how we are so fortunate to connect with so many amazing couples! Some of the most genuine, sweet, caring, sincere, funny, and simply outstanding couples EVER – and Andrew & Alisha are no exception!

For their engagement session, we spent some of our time at one of their favourite Regina hang-out spots- Pile O’Bones Brewing, where they donned a Toronto Blue Jays jersey and a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey, representing where each is from – a theme that is slowly developing for their wedding details as well! Afterwards, we moved to the boathouse area behind barWillow and the Trafalgar Overlook Fountain where Andrew broke out his acoustic guitar to serenade Alisha with some music – including some fantastic Rush songs!

Andrew & Alisha, we are so thankful to have met you! Our shared bonds over really good food, craft beer, music and games really cemented that you two are people after our own hearts! We cannot wait to celebrate with you at your August 2022 wedding and are so looking forward to seeing how you further incorporate “East meets West” into your wedding day!


Cam & Courtney

{ Andrew & Alisha – Engagement Session 2021 }

Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 01 - Pile O'bones - Riders and Blue Jays
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 02 - Pile O'bones - Couple sitting with pints of beer
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 03 - Wascana Boathouse - Couple walking on dock
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 04 - Wascana Boathouse - Couple laughing and kissing on dock
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 05 - Couple sitting on bank of Wascana Lake
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 06 - Engagement ring on seagull acoustic guitar
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 07 - Trafalgar Overlook Fountain - Man plays guitar for fiancee
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 08 - Andrew playing guitar for Alisha
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 09 - Close up of engagement ring on woman playing acoustic guitar
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 10 - Girl giving guy a piggy back ride at Trafalgar Overlook
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 12 - Nose to Nose close up of couple
Andrew & Alisha - Regina Engagement Session - 13 - Black and white photo of ring as man wraps arms around fiancee
Andrew & Alisha - Engagement Session - 11 - Couple at entrance to Lady Slipper Courtyard
Andrew & Alisha - Regina Engagement Session - 14 - Couple dancing near Wascana Centre building


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