Zurowski Family – Fall 2023

Oct 2, 2023 | Blog, Family

With the sweet scent of fallen leaves and the gentle rustling of trees, this family session captured the essence of the season and the love that binds Marni, Brennan, Aubrey, and Ethan together. Family sessions are so much fun for us to shoot. Each family has a different dynamic and unique characteristics that makeup who they are and what they love to do together.

We visited Wascana Trails with the Zurowski family to take some updated family photos. I bet you never knew that there were cheetahs out at Wascana Trails. Well, on this night, there were! Two almost child-like cheetahs, crept stealthily through the grass, with the occasional giggle wafting up into the air. The sounds of laughter and cheetah growls echoed through the valley.

Aubrey told us all kinds of facts about the vast array of knowledge she had locked away in her memory bank. Ethan was a little more shy, but when he came out of his shell, there was no stopping him! He showed us the best Avengers moves, and agreed to race his sister- even beating her a couple of times!

Thank you so much, Zurowski family! We are so thankful that we could spend time together exploring the beautiful valley. From fallen leaves and tall grass to the muddy banks of the gently flowing river, you guys were game for all of it. We are so thankful to have gotten the chance to capture these memories for you!


Cam & Courtney

{ Zurowski Family }

Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 01 - Family stands in the tall grass
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 02 - Family plays follow the leader
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 03 - Holding hands walking down the path
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 04 - Dad gives mom a kiss
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 05 - Kids run ahead of their parents
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 06 - Family sits in tall grass
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 07 - Family sits on blanket
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 08 - Brother & sister lay down in grass
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 09 - Little girl sits on blanket with her brother
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 10 - Little boy in blue jeans
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 11 - Family stands by the creek
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 12 - Mom & dad get cuddles from their kids
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 13 - Little boy holds tightly to dad
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 14 - Family walks up the hill
Zurowski Family - Wascana Trails - 15 - Mom & dad have a kiss overlooking the valley


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