Tris & Jana – Summer Wedding 2022

Jul 15, 2022 | Blog, Wedding

Jana sat in a chair in her living room staring out the window. After 3 days of steadily increasing nerves (and hardly eating anything), the day had finally arrived. Her nerves of the day, however, were being compounded by the cloudy sky overhead. No one watches the weather closer on a summer weekend than a bride- well, maybe also the photographer! We all kept looking out the windows, as heavy clouds loomed overhead while everyone got ready. As everyone feared, it began pouring down rain in the moments during the bride’s hair & makeup. Jana’s mom and bridesmaids were right by her side to comfort her and encourage that everything was going to be more than fine.

As the finishing touches of Jana’s hair and makeup were completed, and she and the bridesmaids stepped out of the house, they were welcomed by brilliant rays of sunshine. Such a gorgeous and perfect day for a wedding this would turn out to be!

Overlooking the scenic Lumsden Valley, Tris stood, waiting for his first glimpse of his beautiful bride. A music queue change, and in walked the bridesmaids, followed by the flower girl. The flower girl, wearing the same dress that Jana had worn to her own parents wedding 22 years ago. Once the bridal party was settled at the front, everyone was invited to stand, and in walked Jana, escorted by her mom and dad.

Every step Jana took was a step closer to being married to the one she had dreamt of for years. Tris stared at Jana with huge excitement that he could hardly contain as Jana did her best to give him short glances as she walked – knowing that anything more would cause an outburst of tears that she didn’t want, to risk.

Hugs were exchanged at the altar, as Jana’s mom and dad gave their beautiful daughter to be married to this wonderful man. Tris & Jana stood hand in hand, declaring their love for one another and making their vows in front of their friends & family – including the officiant who is Tris’ dad’s cousin!

Following the beautiful, outdoor ceremony at Goodman Farm, it was time to get the party started! Tris & Jana love a good time- and their friends and family do too! We loved seeing them celebrate together, especially after everyone having an extended time spent apart the last two years. While many people choose to set out bottles of wine for the toasts, Tris & Jana went with something a little more true to them. Each table was outfitted with either a bottle of cherry whisky or Fireball cinnamon whisky.

Through the toasts, and the rest of the night, there were joyous cheers heard echoing throughout the room. Including the addition of a special spirit, Aquavit (Akvavit), shared with everyone by Tris’ family. With a raised glass, and a hearty, “SKOL (cheers)!” everyone joined together in toasting Tris & Jana!

Tris & Jana, we are so thankful that you chose us to capture the special moments of your big day. It was an incredible day, and we are so happy that we got to be part of your amazing celebration! We wish you all the best as you begin this beautiful journey of marriage together!

Advice from the Bride (to engaged couples planning a wedding): “Soak everything in and just be present in the moment, your day will be here with a blink of an eye, and over just as fast, so take it all in!”


Cam & Courtney

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{ Tris & Jana – Summer Wedding 2022 }

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 01 - Groom gets a hand with tie

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 02 - Rings from Victoria Jewellers Regina

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 03 - Groom gets a hand with his suit jacket

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 04 - Groom with groomsmen in navy suits

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 05 - Groom walks across bridge in Lakeridge Park

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 06 - Brides dress from Sweet Pea and Noelle Regina

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 07 - Bride has her hair done by Beauty by Jodie Zorn

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 09 - Bridal details

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 08 - Bridesmaids pause for a selfie in their robes

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 10 - Final makeup touches by Ash Wouters Makeup Artist

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 11 - Bride has help doing up her dress by her mom

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 13 - Bridal makeup by Ash Wouters Makeup Artist

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 25 - Bride & bridesmaids pose in their dresses

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 12 - Bride with her mother

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 14 - Groom waits for his bride overlooking Lumsden Valley

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 15 - Bride is escorted down the aisle by her mom and dad

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 16 - Bride & Groom standing at the altar

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 17 - Bride & Groom standing under the altar overlooking the valley

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 18 - Bride steals a glance at the groom

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 19 - Bride & Groom seal it with a kiss

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 20 - Bride & Groom stand with their bridal party

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 21 - Bride & Groom link arms with their bridal party

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 22 - Bride stands with her bridesmaids in blush pink chiffon dresses

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 23 - Bride & bridesmaids pose with their flowers from The Flower Hut Regina

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 24 - Groom & groomsmen pose with flowers from The Flower Hut Regina

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 26 - Groom & groomsmen stand in navy suits with blush ties

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 31 - Bridal party poses in field

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 27 - Bride & Groom share a kiss overlooking the Lumsden Valley

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 28 - Groom leads his bride through tall grass

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 29 - Groom gives his bride a piggyback

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 30 - Bride & Groom pose for a photo

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 32 - Bride & Groom pose on Seven Bridges Road

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 33 - Centennial Hall in Lumsden

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 35 - Bridal party seated at the head table

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 36 - Bride & Groom share their first dance

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 37 - Bride & Groom go for sunset photos

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 39 - Bride & Groom pose with their hand in pockets

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 38 - Bride & Groom run into their future together

Tris & Jana - Lumsden Wedding - 40 - Bride & Groom stand in tall grass near Lumsden

Wedding Vendors

Bridal Party Hair: Beauty by Jodie Zorn
Bridal Party Makeup: Ash Wouters Makeup Artist
Bride’s Dress: Sweet Pea and Noelle Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaid Dresses: Newline Fashions & Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Moores
Flowers: The Flower Hut
Rings: Victoria Jewellers
Ceremony Site: Wayne & Jane Goodsman Acreage
Reception Site: Centennial Hall – Lumsden
Caterer: Charlotte’s Catering
DJ: Vinyl Replay Entertainment


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