Paul & Lubomyra – Winter Engagement 2022

Feb 24, 2022 | Blog, Engagement

Paul & Lubomyra met through an online dating app in 2019. After they both swiped right, they set up their first date and headed to Roca House for coffee. Paul was soooo nervous going into the date, and according to both sides, the first date did NOT go well. In an attempt to keep the conversation flowing, Paul ended up sharing a great deal about one of his passions- Dungeons & Dragons. While we would agree that D&D is excellent, it wasn’t exactly the natural flowing first date conversation that Lubomyra was hoping for.

But thankfully, sometimes our first impressions aren’t always correct. After debriefing on the date with her sister, she convinced Lubomyra to give Paul a second chance. Lubomyra could tell that he was nervous and was off his game, so she gave him another chance and things got good!

Paul told us that he proposed to Lubomyra 3 times, which actually worked in Paul’s favour… Lubomyra’s family is Ukrainian, and she told us that in the Ukrainian culture, it is traditional to do things 3 times. So if he hadn’t already won them over, this nod to their culture’s traditions really sealed the deal!

They went into Fire & Ice together to custom design the engagement ring, so to Lubomyra’s family, that was the first proposal. The second proposal came when Paul took Lubomyra on a picnic at Over the Hill Orchard to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Or, at least that was what he told her they were celebrating. As they sat down, Paul took Lubomyra’s hand, and asked if she would marry him. The only caveat was that he did not yet have the ring- but it was coming!

The third proposal came on an unexpected weekday night. Lubomyra was in the kitchen preparing supper when Paul came in with the ring box. He handed her the box, and Lubomyra joked, “Aren’t you going to get down on one knee?” Paul joked back that he had already done that, so he was good to go!

Paul & Lubomyra, we are so glad that our paths crossed. You are such a fun-loving couple, and you made our job so easy- we got to just sit back and capture the sparks. As you plan the wedding in the months ahead, I hope that you continue to take time out to laugh and dance together- especially to your special song! We cannot wait to celebrate your Regina Ukrainian wedding with you this summer!


Cam & Courtney

{ Paul & Lubomyra – Winter Engagement 2022 }

When you only have eyes for him
When you only have eyes for her - Paul looking at Lubomyra
An engaged couple's kiss at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.
Regina couple preparing for Ukrainian wedding

Lubomyra twirling with Paul in Wascana Park
Close up of custom ring from Fire & Ice in Regina
He swiped right. She swiped right. Engagement mugs.
Paul & Lubomyra giving a cheers with their custom mugs
Couple sitting outside of Skye Cafe & Bistro in Regina
Couple making each other laugh.

Winter walk by Wascana lake
Paul leading Lubomyra as they walk through the snow
Couple resting their heads together
Black and white photo of couple cuddling under blanket in Regina at Science Centre.
Engaged couple preparing for Ukrainian wedding in Regina
Lubomyra laughing with Paul

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  1. You both look so happy. Boyd and I are very happy for you and wish you all the best in your life together.


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