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Oct 1, 2016 | Blog, Family

Life with little kids is busy, but life with little boys is BUSY! My sister-in-law and her husband have 3 young boys, and live in a small town outside of Saskatoon. Man, if you could somehow harness the energy those three expel, they could likely power the town! The last time I had the pleasure of photographing the Neufeld family was when their youngest was just a newborn. Time, please slow down, even just a little bit!


Each of the boys has so much spunk and there is no lack of personality, which you can see for yourself in the photos below. These little turkeys kept us running, but we had so much fun with them! From running around their harvested fields, to playing with the fallen leaves, we kept it high energy with this bunch, and got some great images!


These three are the sweetest little men. They are blessed to have an amazing mom and dad who love them so much! Mike, you are an incredible example for these boys. You model what it looks like to work hard, to live with grace, serve wholeheartedly, and to love unconditionally. Tamzyn, you have a fierce mama’s heart. Everything that you do is with your family in mind. You put yourself after caring for those monkeys, and are an example to them of what a strong woman looks like. Mike and Tamzyn are celebrating their seventh wedding in just a couple days! Look at all you have accomplished in your life together, and you have way more to go! Your marriage is an encouragement to us, and an example to your boys. We are so thankful to have you as aunt and uncle to our brood!


{ Neufeld Family }


The boys are close in age to our two youngest kids, and they have the best time when they’re together!  I didn’t grow up with cousins my own age, so it is a lot of fun for me to hear the laughter when they are all together. They have their moments where they fight like siblings, but there is so much love between them!


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