McFie Family – Fall 2022

Oct 7, 2022 | Blog, Family

Fall has shown up beautifully, with this week’s frost sprinkling leaves around like crunchy confetti. We had the opportunity to get out with the McFie family to the University of Regina to capture some updated photos and bask in some of the beautiful fall weather.

The moment Benson hopped out of the car, he shocked our socks right off! He is a full-on toddler now, compared to the much smaller little guy just getting his little teeth that we saw last time! With a song in his heart (PJ Masks, of course) and energy like I’ve never seen, he sprinted his way through this session, giggling almost the entire time. With all the energy he has, his mom and dad must be in stellar shape! 

Cole & Alisha, you are such good parents. I don’t think we tell each other that enough- especially through what can be an exhausting season of life. Seeing the confident and incredibly caring little boy you are raising is a big affirmation that all the work you are putting in is paying off in spades. He is such a sweet and sensitive little person. I cannot wait to see the ways in which he grows in the years to come! Good job, mom & dad.

McFie family, thank you for entrusting these precious family moments to us. We are so thankful that we have been able to grow with you and your family over the last number of years. Benson, thank you for taking turns being chased by, and also chasing Cam all evening- he definitely slept well that night!


Cam & Courtney

{ McFie Family – Fall 2022 }

McFie Family - 01 - Regina Family Session Little boy stands with his hand in his pants pocket
McFie Family - 02 - Regina Family Session Little boy runs to give dad a hug
McFie Family - 03 - Regina Family Session Family walk holding hands
McFie Family - 04 - Regina Family Session Family of three pose for a photo at the University of Regina
McFie Family - 05 - Regina Family Session Mom and dad swing their toddler by his hands
McFie Family - 06 - Regina Family Session Cuddles for mom and dad
McFie Family - 07 - Regina Family Session Boy pretends to be an airplane atop dads shoulders
McFie Family - 08 - Regina Family Session Family has a race
McFie Family - 09 - Regina Family Session Little boy is tickled by mom and dad
McFie Family - 10 - Regina Family Session Fmily throws fallen leaves like confetti
McFie Family - 11 - Regina Family Session Lots of kisses
McFie Family - 12 - Regina Family Session A quiet moment for mom and dad


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