Korchinski Family 2020

Aug 21, 2020 | Blog, Family

Summer is flying by at such an alarming rate, but I absolutely love these summer evening sessions! The light is beautifully soft, and some nights, there hasn’t been more wind than a light breeze for a change- hallelujah! Especially when we get to capture family memories for our friends. The Korchinski family invited us to follow them on an evening stroll to the park. Some of us (their adorable daughter, Valley) decided to kick the stroll up a notch and run the whole way, as she knew the excitement that awaited her upon arrival to the park. Her little ponytail buns, bobbing atop her head as she ran, yelling out “CHEEEEEEEEESE!” as she ran circles around us! I can’t properly describe all the cute that was happening!

Valley has grown so much since our last session! Her sense of humour and extensive vocabulary is as dazzling as her smile. Kim & Lisa, she is an amazing girl, and it is no wonder that she is so incredible because- how could she not be! She is a combination of the amazing qualities I see in both of you. She is sweet, compassionate, brilliant with just the right amount of spice to serve her well. You are raising an unbelievable little human, whom I have no doubt, will make this world a better place! If only we could find a way to bottle the energy that children have… we could power entire cities!

Korchinski family, we love you all so much! Any time that we are able to spend with you is so refreshing and life-giving. Cam & I value your friendship and are so grateful to be able to capture your family memories. We love you to bits, Korchinskis!


Cam & Courtney

{ Korchinski Family 2020 }


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