Jared & Jenna – Engagement 2021

Oct 1, 2021 | Blog, Engagement

One of the first things some couples feel they need to warn us about is how awkward they are. And our response? BRING US ALL THE AWKWARD! Almost everyone thinks they are awkward in front of the camera. But when you let loose and just be yourself, magic happens. Jared & Jenna tried to convince us that they were awkward, but as you will see, the awkwardness they claimed was just not translating in the camera! And it was as if I felt the need to prove what awkward was, so I tripped and fell down 5 minutes into the session. Ohhhh, boy. *facepalm*

Unbeknownst to them, Jared & Jenna grew up in very close proximity to one another. So close, in fact, that they attended neighbouring high schools, Riffel and Winston Knoll. They were even in the same grade in school but never met until they were introduced through mutual friends after graduating high school. Things progressed fairly quickly in their relationship as one of their first few dates was Jared taking Jenna as a plus one to a friend’s wedding! So he had to have known early on that she was a keeper!

Jared proposed to Jenna this summer at her parent’s cabin. They went out to the cabin for a week, just to take some time to escape and refresh. Jared had planned in his mind where he intended to propose- a lookout on an island nearby. The only catch was that you needed to kayak to get to it. The first day Jared subtly suggested to Jenna that he wanted to go out for a kayak, but she said that she was too tired and just wanted to relax. He obliged and tried again the next day. Jenna was still insistent that she just wanted to veg and rest. Not wanting to attract suspicion, Jared left it alone. On the third day, Jenna agreed to join him for a kayak. Jared joked that if she hadn’t agreed by then, he may have had to throw the ring box at her!

Jared & Jenna, thank you for allowing us to capture this chapter in your love story. Seeing you together is like a breath of fresh air. Jenna, we could tell in the way that Jared looks at you that he adores you. Jared, the way that Jenna laughs so deeply and melts into your arms shows how safe she feels in your embrace. It is clear that you are a safe place for one another, where you can be your true self and know that you will be met with unconditional love. Love like this is such a gift, and we pray that your love continues to grow and blossom over the years to come!


Cam & Courtney

{ Jared & Jenna – Engagement 2021 }

Courtney fell in a hole - awkward duck
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 01 - Couple walking through field in black and white
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 02 - Couple snuggling at trail
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 03 - Couple sitting on the ground nose to nose
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 04 - Close up of couple nose to nose
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 05 - Man spinning fiance in a dance
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 06 - Close up of engagement ring from Victoria jewellers
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 07 - Girl looking over shoulder at camera
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 08 - Couple sitting on the bank of a creek
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 09 - Kissing near a creek
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 10 - Couple frolicking through a field
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 11 - Girl sitting facing guy
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 12 - Jenna laughing off camera
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 13 - Black and white photo of couple sitting on the ground facing each other
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 14 - Couple at wascana trails
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 15 - Couple kissing nearing sunset
Jared & Jenna - Wascana Trails - 16 - Silhouette of couple at Wascana Trails


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