Eyre Family – Summer 2023

Aug 24, 2023 | Blog, Family

It is always a pleasure to spend time capturing the ever-changing moments of the Eyre family, this year at the University of Regina. It’s hard to believe that almost a whole year has passed since our last session with this beautiful family, and yet, as we stand here watching Hudson and Olivia play together with limitless energy and goofiness, it’s clear that time has brought about incredible growth in both of them.

From clients to cherished friends, the Eyre family holds a special place in our hearts. We first had the honour of documenting their journey during their engagement and wedding, and from then on, our relationship has only grown stronger. We have watched as they’ve embraced parenthood with open arms and as Hudson and Olivia have not only grown but flourished.

I can’t believe how much they’ve changed in the last year! Hudson, the little Huddy Buddy we all fell in love with, has evolved into a spirited ball of enthusiasm. His captivating eyes, his contagious smile, and his young curiosity are a testament to his parents’ nurturing love. And Olivia, with her joyous laughter and giddiness, is transforming into a strong, independent girl whose heart is as soft as it is strong!

As we wandered around the campus of the University, the memories of our past sessions flooded back. The laughter, the hugs, the moments that define the very nature of this family – they’ve become part of our story too. But what truly warms our hearts is seeing Hudson and Olivia’s familiarity with us. It’s as if they’ve embraced us as extended family, and the joy in their eyes is a testament to the bonds we’ve forged with this family! We will never say ‘no’ to Hudson wanting to walk and hold hands with us- especially after learning hand-holding is not a usual habit of his… Oh, it melts my heart!!!

But it’s not just the kids who’ve grown. Andrew and Stephanie have evolved from a young married couple into incredible parents, guiding their little ones with a beautiful mix of patience, love, and unwavering support. Teaching them the importance of kindness, while fostering each child’s strength and independence along the way. The way Hudson and Olivia light up around their parents is evidence of the remarkable family unit they’ve created. AND you know that when a one-year-old recognizes the bass line from “Another One Bites the Dust” and instantly starts dancing, you are doing a whole lot right as parents!

As parents ourselves, we know that not every moment is a picture-perfect one. But even the tears over a scraped knee or a much-needed cuddle during a moment of uncertainty are special, as time moves along all too quickly. You are truly their safe space- where they know it is okay to feel the whole gamut of feelings, yet also know that they will be met with love and acceptance of who they are.

Eyre family, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Your trust in us to document your growth and love each year means the world. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings – the new milestones, the laughter, and the cherished memories that we will create together once again.


Cam & Courtney

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{ Eyre Family – Summer 2023 }

Eyre Family - University of Regina - 01 - Little girl runs into her moms arms
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 02 - Mom poses with her son and daughter
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 03 - Mom and dad hold their children
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 04 - Little girl runs after her brother
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 05 - Family laughs together
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 06 - Little girl smiles at the camera
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 07 - Parents give their kids big hugs
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 08 - Little girl gives her dad a big kiss on the cheek
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 09 - Parents walk behind their running children
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 10 - Little boy stares into the camera with big blue eyes
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 11 - Mom comforts daughter
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 12 - Little boy holds hands with photographer
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 13 - Little boy gives mom a big hug
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 16 - Parents snuggle in the grass
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 17 - Little girl feeds her brother fruit snacks
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 18 - Little girl smiles into the camera
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 15 - Parents watch children run around them
Eyre Family - University of Regina - 14 - Family sitting in the grass


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