Eyre Family – Fall 2022

Sep 15, 2022 | Blog, Family

Is there anything better than when people you love bring littles into the world?! The Eyre family has grown by two feet since last year, and we are so in love with their newest addition, Hudson! Seeing them hit their stride as a family of four is so beautiful. What a gift to see both Andrew and Stephanie as they parent and love on their kiddos.

Little Hudson (or Huddy Buddy, as he is affectionately known by his family) and his goose-down hair is the perfect example of heart-exploding qualities. Pair that with Hudson’s cheeks, and his sly little smile- yup, my heart effectively exploded! And his big sister, Olivia, is so feisty and sure of herself- as I think all big sisters can be! But man, does she love her little Huddy Buddy. She has grown so much since we last saw them, and it seems that she is very comfortably settling into her newfound role of big sister. Nothing but kisses and hugs galore for Olivia’s little brother!

Eyre family, we adore you all! Each of you is a ray of sunshine in just being who you are. We are so thankful to capture these moments of your growing family. To be invited in to capture how they change and grow with every passing year is such an honour. Every session is new and fresh and you are rolling with all of the excitement and challenges of parenthood. We don’t tell people enough- you guys are really amazing parents! And you are raising two incredible humans. In no way am I wishing time away, but I also cannot wait to see Olivia and Huddy Buddy running together at our session next year!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Eyre Family – Fall 2022 }

Eyre Family - 01 - Regina Family Kissing kids on the cheeks
Eyre Family - 02 - Regina Family Kisses for Huddy Buddy
Eyre Family - 03 - Regina Family Mom cuddles her little boy in his overalls
Eyre Family - 04 - Regina Family Daughter sits with daughter in the park
Eyre Family - 05 - Regina Family Brother and sister sit together on blanket in the park
Eyre Family - 06 - Regina Family Little girl in pigtails laughs as she sits with her family
Eyre Family - 07 - Regina Family Brother and sister holding hands
Eyre Family - 08 - Regina Family Brother and sister on a blanket
Eyre Family - 09 - Regina Family Huddy Buddy on a blue blanket
Eyre Family - 10 - Regina Family Dad playing with his daughter in the park
Eyre Family - 11 - Regina Family Little girl with pigtails giggles in daddys arms


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