Tyrel & Allison – Summer 2023

Sep 19, 2023 | Blog, Family

We love spending time with Tyrel & Allison. For this year’s shoot, we decided to wander through the heart of the Cathedral Village, 13th Avenue, where the city’s stories are told in vibrant graffiti.

As we strolled through the graffiti-lined streets of 13th Avenue, their love was the prominent feature amongst the backdrop of each mural. Holding her hand, Tyrel gazed at Allison with a look that spoke volumes. Their relationship and their love was his home. It was a look of a man who holds his wife with respect and admiration.

These two are always game to explore, trusting us to capture not only great images, but to freeze these moments in their life. Each moment, unique in its own right, a literal snapshot of this moment in time that they share together- marking a unique day, month and year in their marriage.

We continued our journey by moving to Mosaic Stadium, a place that has held countless memories for Tyrel and Allison. As die-hard Riders season ticket holders, this stadium has witnessed their shared excitement, victories, and even the (unfortunately more than occasional) heartbreak. But still, they bleed green!

As the summer sky began to exhibit the warmth of gold and amber, Tyrel and Allison put on their custom Saskatchewan Roughrider jerseys. These jerseys were more than just garments; they marked their journey together as the Lindskogs. Tyrel’s jersey marking the year he was born into the Lindskog family, and Allison’s proudly displayed the year she embraced this new chapter of her life- becoming Mrs. Lindskog.

To Tyrel and Allison, we love reconnecting with you year after year. Photography may be our method, but its the connection that we make with you along the way that is superbly meaningful to us. Thank you for inviting us to capture this next portion of your love story! Here’s to the many more years of love, laughter, and Rider pride!

Cam & Courtney

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{ Tyrel & Allison – Summer 2023 }

Lindskog Family - Cathedral Village - 01 - Tyrel & Allison Couple kisses in an alley
Lindskog Family - Cathedral Village - 02 - Couple embrace in an alley
Lindskog Family - Cathedral Village - 03 - Tyrel & Allison Husband wraps up his wife
Lindskog Family - Cathedral Village - 04 - Couple walks down 13th Avenue
Lindskog Family - Cathedral Village - 05 - Tyrel & Allison - Couple sits on a bench
Lindskog Family - Cathedral Village - 06 - Couple kisses on a bench
Lindskog Family - Mosaic Stadium - 07 - Couple wears jerseys outside stadium
Lindskog Family - Mosaic Stadium - 08 - Couple walks wearing new Rider jerseys
Lindskog Family - Mosaic Stadium - 09 - Couple sits on bench in front of stadium
Lindskog Family - Mosaic Stadium - 10 - Couple kisses on bench
Lindskog Family - Mosaic Stadium - 11 - Couple smile at each other


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