Tyrel & Allison – Winter 2022

Dec 22, 2022 | Blog, Family

One thing that always brings us a lot of joy, is seeing the love of our couples grow year after year. This past Saturday we caught up with Tyrel & Allison for a cozy, fun, and oh-so-cute session!

As we entered Tyrel & Allison’s home, the first thing they wanted to do was to dance barefoot in the kitchen. I mean how cute, right?!?! We turned on “Tuesdays” by Jake Scott as they swayed and danced in the kitchen- throwing in a few twirls as they went. To watch as these two danced and stared into each other’s eyes, they obviously are living out the meaning of this song.

“It’s not just picture-perfect dancing in a white dress
It’s not just rainy days when nothing stops the fighting
It’s not just highs and lows, and champagne toast
I’ve come to know that love’s not only the best days
Or the worst days
Love is the Tuesdays”

Tuesdays by Jake Scott

Whether it is dancing in the kitchen or snuggling on the couch with the Christmas décor surrounding them- you know their love is real and deep. It never takes much coaxing for these two to snuggle up and love each other – sometimes beating us to the request! We love it!!!

One of Allison & Tyrel’s big projects at the moment is finishing their basement. Home renos are never easy and often are a great way to add some stress to your marriage, but these two are champs. To wrap up the session we spent some time with them in their basement as they painted together. Currently working on the primer coat, before moving into some of those final stages.

And of course, the session had to end with the way it started – more dancing, in their soon-to-be new living and work area. Commemorating their hard work and teamwork. They held each other in their arms and spent time sharing what this space would become in the months and years to come – including their favourite fur babies Piper and S’mores.

Tyrel & Allison, we always love the time we get to spend with you! It is always filled with so much joy and love! Thank you for allowing us into your home and your hearts, to capture the beautiful love you share! Can’t wait till the next time!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Tyrel & Allison – Winter 2022 }

Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 01 - Dancing in the Kitchen
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 02 - Dancing, lifting and twirling
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 03 - Dancing to Tuesdays by Jake Scott in the kitchen
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 04 - Couple standing at the kitchen sink
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 05 - Wife sitting on kitchen island as husband nuzzles in
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 06 - Couple sitting on the couch near the Christmas tree
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 07 - Couple kissing near their Christmas tree
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 08 - Basement renos while couple leans in for a kiss
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 09 - Couple sitting in their partially renovated basement
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 10 - Husband and wife painting their basement walls together
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 11 - Couple dancing in their basement during renovations
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 12 - Husband admiring wife as they take a break from painting
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 13 - Couple snuggling as they dream about their future
Tyrel & Allison - Winter 2022 - 14 - Couple with 2 dogs


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