Spencer & Taylor – Summer Engagement 2023

Jul 8, 2023 | Blog, Engagement

Spencer & Taylor met while attending university. They started dating, fell madly in love- and the rest, as they say, is history! After graduating, they spent two years teaching together in the UK. Today, they are both teachers in the same school – I mean, how cute is that?! Working in the same school, though teaching different ages, they get to spend time together sharing in one of their passions- educating the next generation! In this next phase of their shared journey, they are buying a house, changing schools (and yes, changing together to continue to teach at the same school!), and most excitedly, preparing for their October wedding!

This couple did something a little differently- they set their wedding date before the engagement happened! So obviously, Taylor knew that the proposal was coming, but she didn’t know when. The day came in November, when she had been in Regina for training. After a long day, she finally arrived home. When she arrived, Spencer, who would typically come to greet her and help her carry things from the car, was nowhere to be found.

This was very unusual, so Taylor went to investigate. She went upstairs, where she found wine, a sprinkling of flower petals, and a custom charcuterie board with a very important question written on it. But still, no Spencer. Then, without warning, he popped out from behind a corner, and got down on one knee. Taylor was so surprised by it all that she forgot to give Spencer an answer to his question!

As we wandered the paths through Wascana Trails, Spencer & Taylor’s giggles filled the evening air, setting the best tone for the evening. Watching and capturing the love of these two as they interacted was an absolute joy! Especially when they could make each other laugh so much, to the point of tears!

From the first click of our shutter, these two were game for anything. Greeting us with their beaming smiles, infectious laughter, and their laid-back personalities, Spencer & Taylor exuded love and charm in everything they did.

It was the PERFECT evening for an engagement session at Wascana Trails. Just a slight breeze, the gentle warmth of the summer sun and a not-too-busy location where we could just meander with Spencer and Taylor without any worries. Well, mostly… Minus those pesky mosquitoes, but they’re sadly unavoidable in Saskatchewan!

Spencer & Taylor, we had such a great time with you at your engagement session! Your fun-loving spirits and goofy nature (and Mario jumps) are soooo much fun to be around. We are excited to get to walk with you as you plan and journey towards your wedding day this October!


Cam & Courtney

{ Spencer & Taylor – Summer Engagement 2023 }

Spencer & Taylor - 01 - Engagement Session at Wascana Trails outside of Regina
Spencer & Taylor - 02 - Spencer cuddling with Taylor
Spencer & Taylor - 03 - Coupling giggling at wascana trails
Spencer & Taylor - 04 - Tip toe kiss of a couple
Spencer & Taylor - 05 - Couple on park bench as Taylor stares up at Spencer
Spencer & Taylor - 06 - Wascana Trails bridge with couple
Spencer & Taylor - 07 - Taylor leading Spencer as they walk
Spencer & Taylor - 08 - Couple frolicing at Wascana Trails
Spencer & Taylor - 09 - Couple staring out over bridge at wascana trails
Spencer & Taylor - 10 - Coule sitting on the group nose to nose
Spencer & Taylor - 11 - Couple at wascana trails
Spencer & Taylor - 12 - Laughing together
Spencer & Taylor - 13 - Sunset kiss of couple at wascana trails


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