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Feb 22, 2021 | Blog, Wedding

A few weeks ago we shared a blog about some of our favourite indoor locations in Regina. This week we are following that up with some of our top outdoor locations for photo sessions in Regina!

When we are planning an outdoor engagement or family session, we will often ask these few questions of our clients:

  1. Are there any meaningful locations for you?
  2. Are there any activities that you like to do together?
  3. Do you prefer a more urban or natural setting – or a mix of both?

As much as we have our favourite locations, we want to make sure each session is special and unique to each of our couples or families. 


Meaningful Locations - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Meaningful Locations

By this we usually mean, is there a location that is a pillar of your relationship. For example – your first date location, a walking path you frequent, proposal location, your family’s acreage, family cabin, lake, where you first met, etc. These locations often bring out natural emotions as well as giving you a level of comfort in the familiarity. If you’ve never had a photo session before, it can feel a little nerve-racking – not knowing what to expect or how you’ll do. So any way we can add a little comfort and ease to the session for you, we want to do that! But just so you know, there is nothing to be nervous about. Most of our clients tell us “we have never had professional photos” or “we don’t look good in photos”. Every one of our couples and families has completely ROCKED their sessions! Not because of us, but because of who they are and how they were able to relax, love each other and have fun! On top of the comfort, these meaningful locations also make sure your photos are uniquely you! So that when you look at your photos in 5, 10 or 50 years, you can still remember the location, the session but most of all what it means to you and your feelings for each other.
Activity Based Locations - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Activity-Based Locations

Similar to the meaningful locations, having your session (or even just a portion of your session) participating in an activity is another way to make the session unique, comfortable and completely you!

Whether you like playing frisbee golf, tossing around the football, playing at the playground (which is not just for kids/families either!), playing midway games at the Queen City Ex, having a picnic, fishing, skating, a date night at Market Under the Stars, getting ice cream, having a mud fight or paint fight (yes, we can do those things too!).

Really the options are endless, but completely based on your personalities and what you enjoy doing together!

Having these activities can add a little distraction to the photo session so again it isn’t as nerve-racking. You can focus on the activity and we can just capture you doing an activity you enjoy with the people you love!

We won’t spend the entire session doing these activities but can definitely incorporate that as a portion so that when you look at the photos it can feel completely you!

Sometimes the options can feel overwhelming and you don’t even know where to begin! So if you are looking for some ideas:

Our Top 10 Natural Outdoor Locations in Regina

There are SO many great natural locations in and around Regina that we found it nearly impossible to narrow down. It seems that every year we discover a “new” favourite location to add to our list. But here are some that we always enjoy and shoot at a lot – in no particular order.

Les Sherman Park - Outdoor Photo Locations in Regina

Les Sherman Park

This park has so much great to offer! It is separated by Wascana Creek, but there are some great features both on the north side and the south side. We are slightly partial to the south side, but you can’t go wrong either way! Plus there is a great little bridge there too!

Wascana Centre Habitat Conservation Area - Outdoor Photo Locations in Regina

Wascana Centre – Habitat Conservation Area

This one is relatively hidden, but if you know about it, you know how amazing it is! This is a “23-acre site within Wascana Centre that has been set aside specifically for wildlife” (wascana.ca). You have to squirm your way into the area through a gate but once you are in, there are some great trails, a dock, and of course wildlife.

(Note: you can not bring pets into the area.)

Douglas Park Hill at Sunset - Outdoor Photo Locations in Regina

Douglas Park Hill

Right next to the Habitat is Douglas Park Hill (aka Wascana Hill). This has a great view of the city and lake. This is a great location for sunset photos. At the base of the hill, there are also some great tree-covered areas and those with long grass. Make sure to watch out for the frisbee golfers!

University Drive N - Outdoor Photo Locations in Regina

University Drive N – Lakeside

Honestly, I don’t even know if this has a name or not but if you are at the University Library, face north and that is the area we are talking about! This is actually just across the water from the Habitat as well and has a great view of the lake with some trees. There are also some really interesting art/structures around there too, if that is more your style!

AE Wilson Park Island - Outdoor Locations in Regina

AE Wilson Park Island (Dieppe Park)

This one was new to us this past year and we LOVE it! This is a little island with walking/biking trails, just off of Dorothy Street, north of Dewdney Avenue. It offers so many beautiful backdrops- from long grass, to treed pathways, to a creek running around it- we’d recommend checking it out, even if it is just for a date night stroll!

Boathouse - Bar Willow - Docks - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Wascana Boat House, Bar Willow and Surrounding Area

Another one of our go-to locations is pretty well known. We tell our couples to park in the Bar Willow (previously Willow on Wascana) parking lot. In this area, we often use the rustic wood of the boathouse, the docks on the water, and then make our way over west to some of the greenery and sometimes even the bridge, the fountain or the Legislative lookout!

Wascana Park - Science Center - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Wascana Park (near the Science Center)

Park your car in the Science Center parking lot and head away from the building. There is a large open field, treed areas, some overgrown weeds (which we looooove to use), and some buildings nearby too. Then as an added bonus, the exterior of the Science Centre offers a more urban look with the red brick & loading dock. Skye Cafe & Bistro is also located in there – so you should probably plan for another date night there at some point!

Rotary Park Bridge - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Rotary Park

This beautiful park situated between Wascana Park and Kiwanis Park is another great location. It has a long, picturesque bridge and a path that follows the creek. It is often much quieter than the other two nearby parks.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum-Speakers Corner-Wascana Lake - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Just south of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is another versatile green space. There are a lot of tall trees with some surrounding open areas. Head south a little further (before you hit the lake) and there are some paths, a view of the lake, and so much that translates into a perfect location for any photo session!

Wascana Trails - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Wascana Trails

Technically this one isn’t in Regina, but it’s just too good not to mention! Just a short drive out of Regina, this valley location is perfect for some hiking, biking, and of course photo sessions! Tall grass, trees & a beautiful creek combine into one versatile and beautiful location. While it is so great in the summer months, those fall colours are simply magical! But you need to make sure you get out there early enough before our lovely Saskatchewan wind carries them all away!

Our Top 8 Urban Outdoor Locations in Regina

Now that we have overwhelmed you with some natural outdoor location options, here are some of our favourite urban locations. We find urban is a little less popular, but that’s also why we love it so much – it’s something a bit different!

University of Regina Campus - Outdoor Locations in Regina

University of Regina Campus

The University is a beautiful campus with some gorgeous light stonework and tall glass buildings. We like to start (or end) near the library. Immediately above the entrance to the library is a great spot with interesting architecture. Just to the west are some bright big glass buildings too. Take a stroll around, you will always find a great location on the campus!

Regina Warehouse District - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Regina Warehouse District

There are so many gems in the Regina Warehouse District as well. We have honestly taken drives/walks starting at Dewdney Ave and wandered the streets looking for places to shoot. There is so much variety in this historic area of our city. The brownstone of the buildings, the darkened alleyways, the rustic wood – it is filled with so many unexpectedly amazing locations that make for the perfect urban engagement session or family session or even wedding!

Cathedral Village - 13th avenue - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Cathedral Village (13th Avenue)

Similar to Warehouse District (yet different), is the Cathedral Village area. 13th Avenue alone boasts some beautiful and intriguing buildings and artwork. Whether you are looking for graffiti walls, wall murals or colourful buildings, Cathedral is the place to be! For some added colour and nostalgia, you can even stop for some candy or ice cream at Dessart Sweets!

Scarth Street - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Scarth Street & Downtown

This one is pretty common but we still love it! The urban downtown life is so prominent here. Use the wide area of Scarth street or head down some side streets/alleys to find some wall murals, brickwork, and history in the heart of Regina.

Cornwall Parkade - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Cornwall Parkade

This obviously is also downtown, but has a different feel than the “street-level”. Head into the Cornwall Parkade where you can use one of the middle levels for some unique lighting, offering a little more grungy and dark. Or continue to the very top level where you get a beautiful wide-open view of the city, mosaic stadium, downtown, or the sunset! This location is popular for a reason, it is versatile and gorgeous!

Cornwall Parkade - Outdoor Locations in Regina

TC Douglas Building

In our Best Indoor Locations post, we mentioned the MacKenzie Art Gallery, but the exterior is also worth mentioning! On the east side of the gallery is a large staircase, which is helpful for layering, if you will be gathering a large group of people in one photo. Head up the stairs and you are met with many stone pillars and round benches. Continue around to the backside for a lovely walkway, with a variety of greenery hanging overhead!

CBC Building - Outdoor Locations in Regina

CBC Building

Another of our favourites is the CBC Building on Broad Street, just south of College Avenue. We love to use the walkway on the east side of the building. With the uneven stones and sometimes overgrown weeds/greenery, it creates an interesting juxtaposition for those impeccably dressed couples, especially on wedding days. There is industrial corrugated metal on one wide side of the building, and if you just turn 90 degrees there is a red brick building. This one location offers so much variety without having to travel!

Black & White Wall - Outdoor Locations in Regina

Black & White Wall

Last, but not least, is another classic – the black & white wall. This wall is on the east side of the Casa Decor building (which now also houses Sara Lindsey Pretty City Studio) at 2176 7th Avenue.

It is such an iconic wall because of the monochromatic nature and how it is literally separated vertically. Especially great on wedding days because of the suits and dresses – and bonus if you can add some pops of colour – but honestly it is always a solid choice!

PHEW! We made it through the locations in Regina! There is so much to take in around this beautiful city. If you feel you are tapped out creatively, take a drive or walk around a new area, or maybe just look at something from a different angle. There are endless locations here! Whether you are planning an engagement session, wedding locations or a family photoshoot, happy location hunting!

If you need any help, just let us know! We are always happy to share our advice and recommendations!

Any others you feel we missed or that we might not know about? Let us know in the comments below!

Missed the first part of this post? Click the button below to visit our blog about our favourite indoor locations in Regina!


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