Kenny & Marrick – Summer Engagement 2023

Aug 29, 2023 | Blog, Engagement

We met Kenny & Marrick last year when they stood up as a bridesmaid & groomsman at the wedding of their friends Orrin & Jade. (Kenny was actually the unnamed groomsman who came prepared with his “formal wedding pocketknife” that saved the day when the rings were tied too well to the pillow!) These two brought so much fun, laughter and joy to the day. We adore a fun wedding party!

Well, guess what? Now it is their turn! Kenny & Marrick are engaged and have invited us along to capture the journey of their own wedding!

Kenny & Marrick first met many years ago, when they were teens. Kenny grew up in Fort Qu’Appelle and Marrick lived with her family in Regina. They didn’t run in a lot of the same circles until they met when they both attended the Glen Harbour Kids Camp during the summer. Their friendship began to blossom, and they exchanged contact information and kept in touch outside of camp.

For their first date, Kenny decided to plan a picnic. He went all out, making a lot of the picnic himself, down to the pesto and even the bread for their sandwiches. They went out to Kiwanis Park and got everything laid out for their picnic, only for Kenny to then learn that Marrick’s least favourite food is- sandwiches. But, recognizing all of the effort he put in, she ate it and said that it was very delicious.

After their dinner, Kenny took Marrick to Escape Club in Regina to relax in their cafe and play some board games. Another little thing he learned that night- Marrick hates both escape rooms AND board games – she is far too competitive to find joy or to relax doing either of those! Talk about some unexpected first-date curveballs! Thankfully, even after the first date’s learning opportunities, Kenny persevered and there was a second one.

Fast forward a little bit, and their relationship had really blossomed. In fact, so much so, that Kenny and Marrick found themselves talking more and more about marriage. Kenny had just finished his fourth year of schooling as an electrician, so they mutually agreed that they would wait a little while before they got married. Or so they thought…

Marrick’s idea of waiting was a little different than Kenny’s. She began to send him ring ideas, wedding decor ideas and house listings. Not quite the waiting that they had agreed on, but it was clear to Kenny that she was eager to take the next step – and let’s be clear he was pretty keen too!

During this ‘waiting phase’, Kenny would joke with Marrick, asking spur of the moment if she would marry him, to which Marrick would reply, “Only if you ask nicely.”

One afternoon, they went to Kenny’s parents’ store in Fort Qu’Appelle. Even though they were ‘still waiting to get married’ Marrick was getting some pre-wedding ideas by going to look at some flowers with Kenny’s mom. While they were in the back of the store, Kenny said something that prompted one of Marrick’s classic replies, “Only if you ask nicely.” Kenny seized the moment, pulled out a ring and without missing a beat asked, “Will you marry me?” The answer, of course, was a clear and resounding “YES!”

They chose to use the beautiful property of Lady of Our Lourdes Shrine at St. Peter’s Colony as the backdrop for their engagement session. Surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, Kenny and Marrick’s love shone even brighter against this idyllic backdrop.

In a world full of elaborate proposals and grand gestures, Kenny and Marrick’s engagement stands out for its simplicity, genuine connection, and the tranquil charm of their chosen location. It’s a testament to the power of love, communication, and their commitment not only to one another but also to God.

Kenny & Marrick, we couldn’t be happier for you! As you embark on this new chapter of your lives together, we are so thankful that we get to be there to capture it. We are looking forward to your winter 2024 wedding and can’t wait to see all of your wedding ideas (before they were even supposed to be wedding ideas 😉) come to life!


Cam & Courtney

{ Kenny & Marrick – Summer Engagement 2023 }



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