Keen Family 2019

Nov 28, 2019 | Blog, Family

This year marked our sixth annual family photoshoot with the Keen family! It is hard to believe that we first started this tradition when Shepherd was just a wee babe, and now he is in kindergarten! How in the world did that happen?!

A lot can happen in a year. This year marked a big change for the Keen family. They moved from Lumsden to Regina, into a home that they had so beautifully renovated by Trademark Homes. (If you haven’t been following their journey, you can check out the transformation of their home on Instagram!) We just had to mark the occasion of their first Christmas season in their new home with a celebratory shoot in their new space.

Last year, poor Shep was under the weather for our session. But this year, it seemed he was determined to make up for his lack of energy last time! I swear, this boy must’ve taken up modeling in the last year. He was one of the most camera aware five-year-olds I have ever seen! He knew how to work every angle of that sweet little face for the camera. That little ham had me giggling all morning!

Dionne’s parents were visiting and jumped in for a few photos with their favourite little guy. I loved getting to see firsthand how much fun Shepherd has with his nana and papa!

Keens, thank you so much for asking us to capture these new precious memories for you! I love that we know coming in that we will start photos, but only after we have had some heartfelt and real conversations together. Cam & I love that we can just catch up right where we left off, even if a year has flown by in between! I think it can’t be said enough- you are a pretty awesome bunch!


Cam & Courtney

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