Pro Tip Tuesday: Products & Turnaround Time

Aug 14, 2018 | Blog, Wedding

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Pro Tip Tuesday: #8 Products & Turnaround Time


Your wedding day is beautiful, and goes off without a hitch. The honeymoon is so relaxing and you both come back feeling refreshed. What is the next big thing you’re looking forward to? (ASIDE from being married, of course!) You will no doubt be waiting for that momentous day when your photographer emails to say, “Your photos are ready!!” Ask any married couple and think they will say that it is never too early to see wedding photos! So, how long can you expect to wait for that email? What is your photographer’s expected turnaround time? There is only one way to know for sure- be sure to ask!


Turnaround time will vary from one photographer to another. The day of the wedding is a busy time for photographers, but the work really kicks off after the wedding is over. Culling through the images, and editing the best ones for you takes time. Ask your prospective photographers how long it takes them to turn their images around. Will it take weeks or months? How will you know when they’re ready? Having clear expectations outlined will ensure there are no surprises or disappointment later on!


The day comes when you receive the email- your photos are ready!! You and your spouse go through the images maybe once, or a few thousand times! Now what? What do you expect to do with the digital images? Does your photographer offer products or do you receive digital photos to print on your own? Another thing to consider is the product that your photographer offers. I know that having digital images is important to most, as it makes social media sharing easier. In addition, are you looking to have a professionally designed and created wedding album? Or would you prefer to create your own through Mixbook or Shutterfly? When you picture your home decor, does it include large artwork of your wedding photos? I know that “after the wedding” may seem far off at this point, but the end result is also impacted by your decision!


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