Brent & Courtney – Family Session 2021

Jun 23, 2021 | Blog, Family

It is always such a joy to meet new families. It can be a little intimidating for anyone, but especially for kids, to walk into a photo session and to be a little nervous, shy and reserved. But that was not the case for this family! Brent & Courtney came with their 2 amazing boys – Henry and Ellis – and they brought ALL the energy! There was so much life, laughter and even a little craziness, but we loved every moment of it.

We started off our session at the base of the Douglas Park hill to get the family “warmed up” with some walking shots, but it didn’t take long, as they were complete naturals. So we moved into another one of our favourite outdoor locations – the Wascana Centre – Habitat Conservation Area. Brent & Courtney love taking their kids on outdoor adventures. Camping and outdoor exploration are some of their favourite family pastimes, so they were no strangers to the conservation area. Henry and Ellis took off running instantly like it was their second home! They showed us their favourite trails on the map, pointing out the ‘forest’ that they loved to play in!

It makes our job so incredibly easy when we can truly see the love and joy in the families. They obviously love to have fun together and aren’t afraid to be themselves, and that is such wonderful quality!

Brent & Courtney, thank you so much for spending time with us this past weekend to capture your boys and your relationship as a family. It honestly brought our hearts so much joy to be with you and to laugh along with all of Henry and Ellis’s crazy faces and antics. Those boys are such a treasure and I know these moments we captured only capture a moment in time, but we hope that every time you look back on them you can reflect on their unique personalities and the joy in this season of life.


Cam & Courtney

{ Brent & Courtney Family Session }

Brent & Courtney -01 - Family walking at base of Douglas Park Hill
Brent & Courtney -02 - Close-up for kids henry and ellis
Brent & Courtney -03 - Black and white of family at wascana habitat conservation area
Brent & Courtney -04 - husband and wife kissing with kids on backs
Brent & Courtney -05 - Pairs of the family - Husband and wife and brothers
Brent & Courtney -06 - Brothers with arm around each other in grass
Brent & Courtney -07 - Black and white of young brothers hugging
Brent & Courtney -08 - Brent with each boy
Brent & Courtney -09 - Courtney with both boys
Brent & Courtney -10 - Family sitting on blanket in grass
Brent & Courtney -11 - Husband and wife in embrace in grass
Brent & Courtney -12 - Line up of family


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