Zack & Kelsey Vow Renewal

Aug 16, 2018 | Blog, Family, Wedding

What were you doing on July 11, 2008? Zack & Kelsey know exactly where they were. It was a rainy day, but a little rain wasn’t going to get them down because they were getting married! An old wives’ tale says that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky. But I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t come down to luck when it comes to marriage! A quote I ADORE confirms“All because two people fell in love… and work super hard at staying that way.” Here we are ten years later, celebrating with their family and four beautiful children because of all that hard work!

Kelsey chose a delicate blue chiffon and white lace gown. Her blonde hair curled and carefully pinned up. Juliet and Rose, their daughters, chose their beautiful and unique bridesmaid dresses. The girls hid at the ceremony site, so as not to be seen by their Papa before the vow renewal. Zack got ready with his two best men, their sons, Oliver and Wells. The boys looked very dapper in their suspenders, fedoras, and the oh-so-adorable bow ties they picked out.

Watching the nervous anticipation as Kelsey waited for Zack was inspiring. Her love for him, clearly written across her face. The excited squeals that came when the girls heard Zack had arrived made my heart sing. That is what love should be. Even after four children and ten years of marriage, the very thought of seeing your beloved makes you that excited. Love this deep is such a gift!

The vow renewal ceremony was an intimate gathering of family. Their children were SO excited to be part of the ceremony. The children all took their turn walking down the aisle before their Mama walked out. Kelsey walked out from behind the tree, and locked eyes with Zack. Smiles spread wide on each of their faces as soon as they saw each other. Zack & Kelsey stood in front of their family, speaking beautiful words of affirmation over one another, their relationship and family. Their four children stood proudly by their sides. At the conclusion of the ceremony, their oldest daughter Juliet, gleefully pronounced them “Still married!”

Zack & Kelsey, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your tenth-anniversary celebration. I think I can safely say that life looks a little different for you today than it did ten years ago. Time may have given us a few more grey hairs than we’d like. Or maybe a few more lines than we used to have. But I love that you haven’t let life phase your love and joy in one another. It brought so much joy to me to hear the two of you laugh together. Even in Zack’s tree climbing, just to make Kelsey laugh. I pray that your hands will remain firmly grasped, steadying each other into the next ten years and the many years beyond. Happy anniversary!


Courtney & Cam

{ Zack & Kelsey Vow Renewal }

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  1. Love every shot of these sweet people

  2. Such a wonderful couple and beautiful family.


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