Tris & Jana – Encore Session 2022

Sep 23, 2022 | Blog, Wedding

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was a little too “out there” for people to get on board with? Tris & Jana got married in July of this year, and a month after the wedding reached out to us again. As you know, we always love to hear from our past clients but get EXTRA excited when it is for something a little out of the ordinary.

Jana wanted to wear her wedding dress again, but this time, she wanted to take photos at the lake. And, she not only wanted to take photos at the lake, but she wanted to go IN the lake! I’m quite sure that I let loose an actual, audible squeal once I read her email. Safe to say, that there was very little convincing needed to get us on board for this Encore session!

Tris & Jana took us to a beach that has been special to them throughout their relationship, and unlike the wedding day, we had zero timelines to worry about. Nowhere to be, no one else to consider. Time to just “be”. We strolled the empty beach on a weekday evening, laughing and playing in the waves. Not concerned at all if the dress was going to get dirty, but just taking that intentional time for Tris & Jana to connect in a different way.

As much as we love the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, it can be a bit stressful at times. This session was so simple and beautiful and was the carefree version of everything we love about a wedding day: two people who love each other and are willing to just have some crazy fun together. We left this session with our emotional buckets overflowing with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to capture such a unique experience.

Tris & Jana, we had SO MUCH FUN with this session! Thank you for coming to us with this idea, and being willing to totally let loose and have an amazing time together. I can’t recall the last time we both climbed into our vehicle soaking wet at the end of a session, but after this, I may seek out more opportunities to do just that!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Tris & Jana – Encore Wedding Session }

Tris & Jana - 01 - Regina Encore Session - Sandy feet walking along the beach
Tris & Jana - 02 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & Groom kiss on the beach
Tris & Jana - 03 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & Groom stand in the waves
Tris & Jana - 04 - Regina Encore Session - Groom embraces his bride on the beach
Tris & Jana - 05 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & Groom stand in the water
Tris & Jana - 06 - Regina Encore Session - Bride whispers a secret to her groom
Tris & Jana - 07 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & Groom sit in the sand on the beach
Tris & Jana - 08 - Regina Encore Session - Bride sits in the sand near the water
Tris & Jana - 09 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & Groom kiss on the beach
Tris & Jana - 10 - Regina Encore Session - Groom whispers to his bride
Tris & Jana - 11 - Regina Encore Session - Groom carries his bride down the beach
Tris & Jana - 12 - Regina Encore Session - Groom runs his sandy fingers through the brides hair
Tris & Jana - 13 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & groom laugh as they sit in the waves
Tris & Jana - 14 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & Groom walk out into the lake
Tris & Jana - 15 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & groom come out of the water
Tris & Jana - 16 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & groom walk out of the lake sopping wet
Tris & Jana - 17 - Regina Encore Session - Bride & groom lay in the surf on the beach


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