TJ & Danielle – Summer 2023

Sep 22, 2023 | Blog, Family

Earlier this year, we donated a lifestyle family photography session in support of SESSION Studio YQR’s May giveback month. SESSION gave their instructors and clients the opportunity to give back to their community through various charitable organizations. While supporting the Alzheimer’s Society of Saskatchewan, unbeknownst to Danielle, her donation got her entered into a draw and she won! Lucky for both of us, because spending the evening with Danielle and her husband, TJ, was so much fun!

As far as love stories go, few are as heartwarming as TJ and Danielle’s. Their journey together began 14 years ago, almost to the very day of our session! It began with the setup through a mutual friend, continued with a bottle of port, and ended with riding a large concrete frog. I don’t know that most could compare to that for a first date story! The first date turned into a second, and before he knew it, TJ was in deep smit.

The end of the month will mark one year since TJ and Danielle’s wedding. It is so clear that these two have been on an adventure from the very first day they met and have had so many exciting stops along the way. They shared a honeymoon to Scotland, touring around the country and soon, will be taking a trip to explore Japan as well!

For their photo session, we chose the area around Local Market YQR as a backdrop. From wandering through the back alleys and utilizing the beautiful architecture and textures of the warehouse district, this made for such a fun session. And to witness the way that they kept each other laughing throughout the entire session was such a joy! These two exude joy both as individuals and in their relationship.

TJ and Danielle dressed in outfits that reflected their unique style and personalities- most notably their shoes. Danielle’s sparkly Converse Chucks were show stoppers, and TJ’s Jordan’s held their own! No matter what prompt or pose we threw at them, they were game, and it made for, in our opinion, some stellar moments and images.

As these two so beautifully demonstrate, love is a journey, not a destination. A journey filled with laughter, shared dreams, and the joy of knowing that you have a partner to navigate life’s twists, turns and detours. After 14 years of being each other’s rock, they are proof that true love only grows stronger with time.

TJ and Danielle, your love story is an inspiration to us all. We want to express our gratitude for allowing us to capture the beauty of your love. As you continue your journey together, may your love only deepen, and may the next 14 years be filled with even more laughter, joy, and cherished memories. Congratulations on this incredible milestone!


Cam & Courtney

{ TJ & Danielle – Summer 2023 }

TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 01 - Couple laughs in alley
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 02 - Couple jazzy dances
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 03 - Wife smiles at her husband
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 04 - Couples Converse and Jordan shoes
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 05 - Husband gives a cheesy smile
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 06 - Couple dances in the alley
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 07 - Couple up against while brick wall
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 08 - Wife looks over her shoulder
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 09 - Couple frolics down the alley
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 10 - Couple sits on loading dock
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 11 - Couple snuggles
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 12 - Couple kisses in alley
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 13 - Couple stands in front of metal building
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 14 - Couple at Regina Brewing Inc
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 15 - Couple sits on wooden steps
TJ & Danielle - Regina Warehouse District - 16 - Husband kisses his wife on the forehead


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