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Jan 18, 2021 | Blog, Our Life

Everyone has their little quirks – things that may not seem special to the individual but that actually make each of us unique.

We just recently rebranded and figured now was a great time to get to know us. So here are

10 things about Cam that make him unique…

This Is Cam
Cam Liske – Headshot – Arizona

1. I love Coca-Cola! To the extent that when I am at a restaurant and I order a Coke and they ask “Is Pepsi ok?”, I give a sigh and then order something completely different – because Pepsi is NOT okay. Courtney shrinks a little beside me, knowing what’s coming, but I will do it every time. I love everything about Coke – the flavour, that “burn”, the branding.  My grade 5 teacher had once told us that he had previously been a Coke truck driver and I thought that would be the best job ever. One day, perhaps…

2. I have very few fears, but one is- squirrels. Those disgusting acrobatic rodents are scary and dangerous! Waaaaaay too erratic for my liking. You just don’t know what they are thinking, what their purpose is, or when they will unexpectedly jump for your jugular. Irritational? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely!!! Even recently there has been actual news reports about these crazed lunatics!

3. I enjoy the Rubik’s Cube. I am not setting any World Records by any means, but I can solve it in under 2 minutes. It actually drives me crazy to see one unsolved – gives me a bit of a twitch. A qwirk that my kids love to exploit, so I am constantly “fixing” any cubes I see to its proper orientation!

4. I LOVE games. I will play pretty much anything, but board games are my jam. One of my favourite parts is the unboxing process. Popping out the cardboard pieces and unwrapping the cards from their plastic- it is like Christmas! I also LOVE the rules. It brings me a great deal of joy to read through the rules and to fully understand a game and then explain it. Yes, I am weird that way, but someone’s got to do it. I don’t even care if I win or get totally destroyed – I just love playing! BUT only if it is by the rules.

5. Maynard’s candy is my jam – especially Sour Patch Kids. I still love devouring bags of candy until my tongue is raw from the sugar- yup, just like a child. I have definitely cut it back a lot, but it is still a weak spot. Our kids know that every Halloween “dad tax” will be imposed, mostly on Sour Patch Kids & Fuzzy Peaches. Thank you, Maynards – you’re my hero!

Cam – Coca Cola
Cam – Desert Tobagganing Fail

6. Technology intrigues me. The physical side, the coding side, just everything about it speaks to me. Apple, particularly of the Steve Jobs era, also holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy design and coding so much that I also have a business with my friend Rick for web design and SEO called

7. I don’t enjoy eating. I eat because I have to do it to stay alive. Not to say that there isn’t food I lean towards or appreciate – I just don’t enjoy the act of eating. However, I LOVE to cook. One of the best date nights, in my opinion, is when Courtney and I make a meal together or take a cooking class. I find so much enjoyment in preparing the food and cooking alongside my wife.

8. With the above being noted, if I am going to lean towards a certain type of food – spicy food is the way I will always go. Mexican food, Indian food, whatever sort of “spicy” it may be. And when in doubt, I add hot sauce to nearly all my meals, just in case. We buy the Costco sized Frank’s Red Hot because I power through it. Or when I order a burger or anything, I will always add jalapenos, hot sauce, banana peppers, etc. Give me all the spice, and the spicier the better!!! I even grew my own Carolina Reapers this past summer to make my own hot sauce.

9. I am so lucky to have an amazing best friend named Joel. And what is even better, he’s been my best friend since grade 1! We have been through everything together and I can’t imagine my life without him. We were both so shy and extremely introverted, that initially, our friendship was instigated by our mothers. Pretty much a blind date for friendship. But it worked out, and I’m so glad it did. Joel is everything I could ask for in a best friend!

10. One of my greatest passions is to see people succeed. I love to hear about your dreams and passions. I love seeing you be or become the person that you were created to be. When possible, I love assisting you in accomplishing your dreams however I can. What are you passionate about? What drives that passion? What is your dream? I would honestly love to hear. Let me know!

Cam Dancing
Courtney & Cam


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