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Jul 26, 2017 | Blog, Our Life

Summer in Saskatchewan is so beautiful, but passes SO quickly! Early in July, Cam and I took our kids to the Kenosee Lake Superslides. As we were driving home, it struck me. There are town signs I have driven by on countless occasions throughout my life, but I had never seen those towns. Never taken detours to see what those towns were like, or where they were. Cam and I decided this summer would be one of exploration. One to wander, away from our normal routine. Nothing too far away, but day trips here and there around our province. Taking intentional time to slow down, try something new, and maybe find some hidden treasures along the way! But the most important goal, was to spend time adventuring as a family. First stop, Lumsden & Regina Beach.


I must admit, I’ve only been into Lumsden a couple times. Once we needed to stop because we were driving in a rain storm on our way to Saskatoon. The wipers were going so fast that one flew off, and was nowhere to be found. We made a quick stop in Lumsden to replace it, and then were on our way!


Our morning began with a visit to Lincoln Gardens, a local greenhouse and farm near Lumsden. The greenhouse showcased row upon row of beautiful flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, even succulents with flowers- I didn’t even know those existed! After we wandered through, admiring the plants and fairy gardens, we headed into the vegetable market. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables. We’re talking fresh from the field- the ladies were hard at work preparing the veggies for sale when we arrived. Potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, beets, herbs, and more delicious fresh items. We grabbed a bunch of fresh carrots to have as a snack later in the day, no one can resist garden carrots!


Lumsden- what a beautiful little town. You step into a slower pace when you arrive, which is so refreshing! We parked our vehicle, and herded the kids into The Painted Parasol. The kids weren’t convinced they would like it, but it took about ten seconds for us to hear, “I LOVE THIS STORE!”, as they dashed from aisle to aisle. It is a very unique store, loaded with toys, gifts, clothing, home decor, and vintage candies. We each got to pick a special treat to enjoy in the sunshine. My choice included Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Childhood summers were not complete without Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Though the kids STILL cannot manage to say it, they enjoyed their 10 minutes of bubble gum, before the flavour wore off and their jaws were sore!


One of the toys I loved MOST as a kid was Lite-Brite. I’m pretty sure that every home had one. If yours did too, your Lite-Brite, like mine, likely had a corner of the black plastic that was melted by the lightbulb that you plugged in. Your carpet was riddled with the little pegs, which were a treat to step on, and of which you never quite had enough of the right colour. I LOVED that thing. Friends, I got an updated Lite-Brite at The Painted Parasol today. I’m not sure who was more excited- not true, definitely me. It is more modern looking than it was before, but the challenge of making those round pegs actually look like something remains the same! Maybe part of this summer adventure is recapturing the essence of my own childhood?


Lumsden and the surrounding area had so many more things we wanted to take in- Over the Hill Orchards and Last Mountain Distillery being a couple of them. But we decided those were likely not the most exciting for kids, so we will have to come back for a date night to check them out! I’m really intrigued by the Supper in the Orchard at Over the Hill Orchards- if you need a date night idea of your own, it sounds like it’d be spectacular!


Onto Regina Beach! Our first order of business was feeding the troops, or the day was doomed to failure. I have heard rave reviews of the fish and chips at the Blue Bird Cafe, and from the line-up outside, those must’ve been true! Being that both Judah and I are gluten free, sadly, we had to find a different option. We chose Chachalacas, a local Mexican restaurant. Holy guacamole, if you haven’t tried their food, you are MISSING OUT! It is everything that I love about authentic Mexican food- fresh, simplistic and to die for! They also have a location on Quance Street in Regina, if you need one a little closer to home! I had the Tacos al Pastor- marinated pork with grilled pineapple, atop corn tortillas. Oh, sweet deliciousness. I’m hungry just thinking about it…


The beach was beckoning, so away we went. The weather was amazing- hot enough that the water momentarily felt cold, but that was quickly taken over by a wave of refreshment. We floated, built sand castles, made mermaid tails in the sand, skipped some stones. We took time to just be. And friends, it was awesome. You should try it out sometime!


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