Shawn & Jennifer – Spring Engagement 2022

Jun 6, 2022 | Blog, Engagement

Shawn first met Jennifer through mutual friends while he was stationed at 15 Wing Moose Jaw. He works as an aircraft technician with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was stationed at 15 Wing for 10 years, and during that time worked as a tech for the Snowbirds. Last year, Shawn was redeployed to Winnipeg, so he & Jennifer packed up and moved further east. But, much to our glee, they still had some contacts in Moose Jaw that helped secure a very unique engagement location for the two of them.

We always tell our couples how much we love using locations meaningful to them – and even better if it is somewhere that you have unique access to. This session was exactly one of those times! As we drove up to 15 Wing Moose Jaw, we knew that we would have a chance to take photos of Shawn & Jennifer in front of the Snowbirds. But there are some experiences that don’t quite go the way you think.

We expected to be up close to the planes inside the hangar, which was going to be really, really cool! We walked inside the hanger and saw all of the Snowbirds arranged beautifully inside. After an introduction to Shawn’s former co-worker, we were asked if we’d be interested in taking one of the planes outside for photos. I think my mouth literally fell open and I couldn’t sputter out, “Uh, YES, PLEASE!!” fast enough!

Shawn & Jennifer, we just want to say how cool, once again, this night was! I think I hummed “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins for the better part of a week! We are so thankful that we were able to capture photos with the plane, but more importantly, to commemorate a special place meaningful in your life together. We cannot wait for your fall 2022 wedding in Moose Jaw!


Cam & Courtney

{ Shawn & Jennifer – Spring Engagement 2022 }

Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 01 - Couple walks in front of Snowbird
Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 03 - Bride looks at her husband-to-be in front of Snowbird
Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 02 - Couple stand in front of Snowbird plane
Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 07 - Couple share a kiss in front of Snowbird
Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 05 - Bride & Groom sit on the wing of a Snowbird
Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 06 - Diamond engagement ring sparkles on plane
Shawn & Jennifer - 15 Wing Moose Jaw - 04 - Couple hold hands in front of Snowbird Military Aerobatics Flight Demonstration Team plane
Shawn & Jennifer - Wakamow Valley - 08 - Taking in the sunset over the valley
Shawn & Jennifer - Wakamow Valley - 09 - Groom has nothing but smiles for his bride to be
Shawn & Jennifer - Wakamow Valley - 10 - Groom to be receives big kisses on the cheek
Shawn & Jennifer - Wakamow Valley - 11 - Walking along the dock near Wakamow Valley
Shawn & Jennifer - Wakamow Valley - 12 - Having a quiet moment
Shawn & Jennifer - Wakamow Valley - 13 - Romantic Sock Talk

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  1. Woup Woup Life is Good!! That amazing!! Congratulations you both!
    You guys look fabulous!! Im very happy for you, that awesome!!



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