Filby Family – June 2022

Jun 25, 2022 | Blog, Family

Sometimes I find myself monitoring time in relation to the age of my children. Any parent will know that time zooms by, and the only reference you have is how old one of your children was at the time. I’ve found that I do that very thing with our clients as well! We last saw the Filby family in October 2021, when their sweet Isla was just a few months old. At that point, she was still too small to even be sitting on her own, so to see her now up and walking was so exciting!

Isla had decided just this week, a few days shy of her first birthday, that it was her time to shine! She surprised us by standing up all on her own and leading us on an adventure. We have no doubt that it will only be a matter of time before those somewhat wobbly steps break out into a full-on sprint with Sarah & Adam following behind!

To see Isla with her puppy, Atlas, was just about the cuuutest thing. Atlas is so patient with her, even as she held onto him for some help in standing up. He is one very proud big brother, and to see them sitting together this year, smiling side by side melted our hearts! Isla loves her puppy, so much that she was ready and willing to even accept a kiss from Atlas, which she almost immediately regretted…

Adam & Sarah, you have one of the smiliest children I have ever met! Those toothy grins, paired with those nibble-able cheeks, I have no idea how you would ever get anything else done besides staring at her! Though I know there are guaranteed those less than smiley times too, we can see how much joy she brings to you, and how you radiate with joy and pride to be her parents.

Isla is such a beautiful girl already, and we know that you will continue to grow and nurture her as she continues to conquer the milestones ahead. Given your family’s love of biking, we cannot wait to see what next year’s session might bring- perhaps Isla will be ready to roll on her own bike by then!

Happy first birthday, beautiful Isla! We are already excited to see how much you will have grown and changed next year! But don’t change too fast- for the sake of your mom and dad.


Cam & Courtney

{ Filby Family – June 2022 }

Filby Family 2022 - 01 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Isla snuggles with mom
Filby Family 2022 - 02 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Family poses together in green space
Filby Family 2022 - 03 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Isla sits with her dog Atlas
Filby Family 2022 - 04 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Isla stands with the help of her pal Atlas
Filby Family 2022 - 05 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Family poses together in green space
Filby Family 2022 - 06 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Family holds hands while daughter smiles over her shoulder
Filby Family 2022 - 08 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - One year old plays peekaboo
Filby Family 2022 - 07 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - One year old girl looks up at the camera
Filby Family 2022 - 09 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Mom in blue dress plays with daughter
Filby Family 2022 - 11 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Toddler gives her puppy a kiss
Filby Family 2022 - 10 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Toddler blows kisses
Filby Family 2022 - 12 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Mom & Dad kiss toddler
Filby Family 2022 - 13 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Family snuggles toddler
Filby Family 2022 - 15 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Toddler receives squishy kisses
Filby Family 2022 - 14 - Saskatchewan Science Centre - Mom & Dad get a moment together outside brick building


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