Declan & Katherine – Spring Engagement 2022

May 20, 2022 | Blog, Engagement

Declan & Katherine met a number of years ago through mutual friends. Declan is from the United Kingdom but attended Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox, Saskatchewan for his high school years. He had come back to Canada for his 10-year high school reunion when he was invited out with friends for some drinks at Bushwakker Brewpub.

Kat was among the friends there that night, and upon hearing Declan’s accent, she started to chat with him. Kat has family in the UK, so they had lots in common to discuss! At that time they were each in other relationships but became good friends. They kept in touch over the years, and in 2019, Declan found himself back in Canada, “on Kat’s doorstep” as he put it. The rest, as they say, is history!

These two share a mutual wanderlust, wanting to see and experience as much they can together. Who can blame them- the world is full of the most amazing things to explore! And what could be more amazing than an engagement surrounded by mountains?!?

Declan & Kat took a trip last November to Canmore. He knew that he was going to propose to Kat- he just didn’t know exactly when or where he planned to do it. One of the biggest things he was looking for was an iconic place that they could go back and revisit in years to come. So Declan kept the ring on him, at all times, just in case they came across “the perfect spot”.

Declan & Kat wandered through some gift shops in Canmore, where Kat saw an elephant ring holder that she really liked. The trunk pointed up to hold your rings, and she thought it was so beautiful. Though she loved it, Kat decided against buying it. But Declan, knowing what he had planned, thought that it would be a fitting gift to give her. So when she had moved on out of the store, he sneakily bought it for her.

The day came on their trip when Declan was going to propose. They had made plans to go to a high tea, before going on a hike at Lake Louise. As they hiked along the trail, Declan kept looking for that perfect place to propose. Kat kind of made the decision for him when she told him, “That’s all, I’m done. I think it’s time to go back.”

Declan quickly realized this was the moment he had been waiting for. He pulled out the elephant, which Kat was so confused to receive, especially because it was wrapped up in bubble wrap. She unwrapped it, and while she was thankful to receive the gift, she still had no idea what was happening.

Kat turned away from Declan momentarily to grab something from her bag. When she turned back around, she found Declan waiting on one knee. He held out the ring, and asked “Do you fancy spending the rest of your life with me?” To which Kat replied, “I certainly do.”

Declan & Katherine, we are SO excited to be part of the incredible celebration you are planning! Kat, we are SO glad that our paths crossed years ago when you were a bridesmaid in another wedding so that now we have the opportunity to celebrate YOU as a bride! Your love for one another is so beautiful and together you just radiate joy. It is so clear that you have each found the one whom your soul loves. And we are so honoured to be able to just stand back and bear witness!


Cam & Courtney

{ Declan & Kat – Spring Engagement 2022 }

Declan & Kat with Millie at Grand Coulee
Couple strolling through a field in Grand Coulee
Declan and Kat laughing as they go in for a kiss
Engagement session in Grand Coulee
Black and white image of fiance leaning in to whisper in fiancee's ear
Love and laughter of Declan & Kat at their engagement session
Katherine learning against farm fence as Declan kisses her
Frolicking through the fields - or as Declan says, "Beyblade"

Couple's Nike Air Max 1 shoes
Declan and Kat in formal attire at their engagement session with the ring from Victoria Jewellers
Couple forehead to forehead at engagement session in Grand Coulee
Cutest couple laughing as they kiss! We love gigglers!!


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