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Apr 24, 2018 | Blog, Wedding

Sask Ever After
The afternoon light flooded through the windows of the former Weston Bakery building in Regina, Saskatchewan. Kyra walked slowly and quietly into the room, almost as if she was gliding in on a cloud. Her face beamed with excitement at the thought of seeing her groom. Mark was awaiting her arrival from behind a pillar on the opposite side of the room. Kyra walked towards the pillar, each intentional step taking her closer to her soon to be husband. With the sound of Kyra’s footsteps getting closer, the anticipation on Mark’s face grew. Kyra reached the pillar, where she paused before seeing Mark. There was a palpable silence. She slowly reached her hand around the corner of the pillar, gripping Mark’s hand tightly in her own. They talked quietly for a moment, each on either side of the pillar, before counting to three and stepping out to see each other for the first time.


Mark moved first, stepping out from behind the pillar and setting eyes on his beautiful bride in her sleek satin wedding dress. He took a moment to behold the beauty standing in front of him, before wrapping Kyra up in his arms. Tears of joy flowed down each of their faces as they sank into a warm embrace. This was it. They had planned for this very moment of this day over the last year, and this minute was all that mattered. After drying their tears, they stepped back to get a better look at one another. The way that Mark looked at Kyra as she spun was inspiring. His gaze not only admired her outer beauty but undoubtedly showed his adoration for the beautiful soul that she is. Kyra’s smile widened as soon as she laid eyes on her groom. She has a smile that can light up any room, but this smile shone with the radiance of a woman absolutely smitten with the man standing before her.


Mark & Kyra chose to plan an intimate gathering of their closest friends and family for their ceremony and dinner at Crave. This allowed them intentional time to visit with each guest that was there to celebrate with them. Kyra had received some advice before the wedding that she took to heart. She was told to take a moment during the reception to look around at everyone who came. They were there for the sole purpose to support and celebrate her and Mark. In listening to the toasts from their family and friends, Mark and Kyra’s network of support is immensely evident. Each person shared their loyalty and genuine love for people. It is no wonder they had some of the most amazing friends standing up for each of them that day.


Close friends are an incredible treasure. In getting to know the bridal party on the wedding day, Cam and I got to see firsthand what a gift each of these people are to Mark & Kyra. Their friends were there not only to celebrate but to support and encourage them every step of the way. The way in which Mark & Kyra introduced every member of their wedding party at the reception was personal and heartfelt. What an incredible honour to have “shirt off your back” type friends (as Mark’s dad calls them) to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. Their excitement for you was evident as we got to do a first look for the bridesmaids to see Mark- their reactions were priceless!


Mark & Kyra (more affectionately known as “Bridechilla”- I still laugh every time!), Cam and I want to thank you for allowing us to be a witness to your love. We are so honoured to have been amongst your closest friends and family as you celebrated together. Please know that we are cheering for you both as you begin your greatest adventure together- marriage! Marriage is such an incredible blessing, and we are SO excited for all that the future holds for you! We wish you a lifetime of adventure together, whether that be in Australia or beyond!



Courtney & Cam

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{ Mark & Kyra Wedding }

Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 01 - Weston Bakery - Sitting against wall Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 02 - Blush Beauty Bar Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 03 - Custom Mugs at Blush Beauty Bar Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 04 - Suit Supply Suit - Colin O'brian Tie Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 05 - Mark Suit from Suit Supply Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 06 - Mark and Groomsmen with Cigars Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 07 - Bride & Bridesmaid with Champagne on Hotel Bed Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 08 - Wedding Ring Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 09 - Kyra - Bride in Hotel Sask Lobby Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 10 - Mark & Kyra - First Look in Weston Bakery Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 11 - Mark & Kyra - Classic Pose Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 12 - Mark & Kyra - Weston Bakery - With Doubles Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 13 - Mark & Kyra - Weston Bakery Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 14 - Mark & Kyra - Weston Bakery Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 15 - Mark & Kyra - First Look with Bridesmaids in Weston Bakery Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 16 - Bride with Bridesmaids Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 17 - Groom with Groomsmen Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 18 - Kyra - Bride gift to Mom Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 19 - Wedding Party Selfie Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 20 - Kiss outside of Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar Mark & Kyra - Wedding - 21 - Kyra - Bride & Groom First Dance

Bride’s Dress: Mikaella Bridal from NWL Contemporary Dresses
Groom’s Attire: Suit Suit Supply,  Shirt Proper Cloth, Socks & Tie Colin O’Brian Man’s Shoppe
Bridesmaids’ Grey Chiffon Skirts: Amazon
Groomsmen’s Attire: Shirt Proper Cloth, Tie Suit Supply
Bridal Party Hair & Makeup: Blush Beauty Bar
Bridal Preparation Suite: Hotel Saskatchewan
Ceremony & Reception venue: Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar
Portrait venue: The Local Market YQR


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