Darren & Amber – Fall Engagement 2023

Oct 13, 2023 | Blog, Engagement

In the heart of autumn, amidst the golden hues and crisp air, we found ourselves wrapped up in a true love story. Amber and Darren, the protagonists of this enchanting tale, allowed us to capture their love story during a serene (at times) fall engagement session at Parkridge Park, a beautiful park in the east of Regina.

Their love story began on the university campus, in the halls of the University of Regina. Amber and Darren were both studying film and found themselves in the same friend group. Maybe it was the meet-cute destiny of two film students, but within those cinematic classes, their friendship took root, eventually evolving into a deep and meaningful connection.

One of the activities that Darren & Amber love to do together is going for walks with their two dogs, Spencer and Monty. One dog walks a fair bit slower than the other, so as they walk- sometimes with a distance between them, Amber and Darren share a playful wave across the park or down the block. These walks have become a staple of their relationship.

Darren made plans to propose during one of their Thursday night walks, but Amber’s work-related travel plans derailed that plan. He kept his cool, undeterred by this hiccup and planned to do it the next day… only to find out that Amber needed to work late. With each passing day, Darren’s nerves and excitement grew, waiting for the day when he would finally be able to pop the question.

They made a new plan to go for a Saturday morning walk with the dogs. Carefully clutching the ring box, which turned out to be much larger than he expected, Darren knew he wouldn’t be able to conceal it in his pocket. So he donned a bunnyhug even though it wasn’t really ‘sweater weather’.

As they walked, Darren’s hands were securely in the pocket of his hoodie, trying as hard as he could to not give anything away. But he was convinced Amber would notice how strange he was being, walking with both hands tucked inside of his pocket. To his amazement, Amber did not seem to notice. She was chatting with neighbours, talking to those who went by, so when the moment came for Darren to ask, Amber was giddy with excitement as she said, “Yes!!!”

As the engagement session approached we were all carefully watching the weather as there was a forecast of massive amounts of rain. Thankfully the morning of the session, the forecast had changed to less torrential rain and more of a sprinkle.

With the engagement session underway, we were met with all sorts of weather- bright sun, some light clouds and some sprinkling rain, none of which slowed Darren & Amber down. Amber had come prepared with some very cute, clear bubble umbrellas that added to the whimsy of this session. Throughout the session, we would pivot from using the umbrellas to protect from the sprinkling of rain to tossing them aside to frolic along the pathways of Parkridge Park.

As we neared the end of the session, we stopped at their house to trade in the umbrellas for Spencer and Monty, to walk to their favourite nearby park, and where they got engaged. As we approached the park, the rain started. We quickly realized that we should have kept the umbrellas with us! What started as a few raindrops quickly turned into a downpour, drenching Amber and Darren. They laughed and played in the rain, their love shining through even brighter in the face of this unexpected shower.

Darren & Amber, as we eagerly await the joy and love that will fill your wedding day in August 2024, we are reminded that love, much like the changing seasons, continues to evolve, bringing new shades and experiences into our lives. We cannot wait to celebrate with you and to continue to document and tell your beautiful love story.

Here’s to love, to friendship, to Spencer, to Monty, and to the beautiful journey that lies ahead.

Congratulations, Amber and Darren!


Cam & Courtney

{ Darren & Amber – Fall Engagement 2023 }

Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 01 - Couple walks in the yellow leaves
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 02 - Man wraps up his fiancee
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 03 - Couple rest their heads together in the park
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 04 - Woman in red lipstick smiles in the park
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 05 - Couple holds hands
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 06 - Couple dance in the park
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 07 - Couple under a bubble umbrella in the rain
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 08 - Vera Wang engagement ring
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 09 - Man laughs with his fiancee
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 10 - Woman in flannel jacket
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 11 - Couple lean in for a kiss
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 12 - Partners in crime coffee mugs
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 13 - Couple drinks coffee on park bench
Darren & Amber Engagement - Parkridge Park - 14 - Vera Wang engagement ring Peoples
Darren & Amber Engagement - Howell Park - 15 - Couple with their dogs
Darren & Amber Engagement - Howell Park - 16 - Couple walks dogs in the rain
Darren & Amber Engagement - Howell Park - 17 - Couple kisses in the rain
Darren & Amber Engagement - Howell Park - 18 - Sunset after the storm

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  1. what a great story Thst sounds like a complete fairy tail. of course we wish them an abundance of forever love for the future. we are so proud of both of them and we love their dogs to bits as well. we are Ambers grandparents and we could not be happier and more thrilled for their upcoming marriage. we wish them happiness forever and we send them forever love


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