Avonlea Newborn

Jul 9, 2016 | Blog, Family

Friends, I am so excited to announce the arrival of my BEAUTIFUL niece, Avonlea! She came into the world on Canada Day, so I think it goes without saying, but I think she will always have the BEST birthday celebrations! Who wouldn’t want a birthday that ends with fireworks? The mom in me thinks, “You could tell her every year they’re just for her- like Rapunzel!” Realizing, of course, that eventually you’ll have to come clean on that one… Her mom also makes the most DELICIOUS and creative cakes, so there is no doubt this girl’s party will be the one every kid wants to come to!


Avonlea is so blessed to have two very special people she gets to call her parents. They will teach her what it looks like to work hard and to persevere through the rocky terrain of life. Danica and Jordan have walked many hills and valleys in the years they’ve been together. They have seen ups and downs to arrive where they are today, but have come out the other side of those adversities with strength, courage, and grace. Where they are today, is head over heels in love with this precious little girl. She is quite amazing, if I do say so myself! Cute as a button, and the most precious little package one could ever receive.


Danica and Jordan, we are so thankful for the safe arrival of Avonlea. We consider it an immense joy to be able to be auntie and uncle to this beautiful little girl! Cam and I are thrilled that we can walk beside you as you parent, and to be a part of your village as you raise Avonlea. Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments of you as a family. I am so incredibly happy to help you introduce your amazing daughter to the world!


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