Taylor & Jolene Engagement 2020

Sep 28, 2020 | Blog, Engagement

Taylor & Jolene have known each other since high school, but they didn’t start hanging out together until after they graduated. It was after being reintroduced by mutual friends that things really started to blossom. They started bonding over their shared love of ‘The Office’ and ‘Breaking Bad’.

They had talked about marriage, and what their engagement might be like. Taylor knew that Jolene doesn’t like to have all eyes on her, so he started thinking of the ways he might propose. He even sneakily found a way out of the house to find the perfect ring. Taylor told Jolene that he was going to Home Depot with Jolene’s twin sister & her boyfriend, who were doing some home renovations.

Now in hindsight, Jolene admits she should have noticed that was strange, because, in her words, “Taylor isn’t the guy you approach for help with home renovations!” Little did Jolene know, but Taylor was sneaking out with her sister to help see what the ring would look like and so he could get close to the right fit.

Then- March happened. (I think we can agree on a collective *facepalm* here, right?) As we all know too well, the world completely shut down. Which included Victoria Jewellers, where Taylor was waiting to get the ring from. His proposal plans had to evolve, so he starting thinking of some new ideas. He got a call in May that the ring was ready and he found a very small window in which he could get away to pick it up.

On the day of the proposal, Taylor insisted that they get out for a drive. Jolene wasn’t so sure of why he was so adamant but agreed and they started their adventure. Their first stop was to the top of Douglas Park hill, but it appeared that everyone had the exact same idea, as it was so crowded. Taylor commented on how there were too many people and suggested that they try going over to the Legislative Building instead. Unfortunately for Taylor, they found the exact same thing- people everywhere. Now Taylor started to worry, what could he try next?

Then he remembered their first date to the Wascana bird sanctuary to feed the geese. It wasn’t far away, so Taylor suggested they go take a walk around. They got out of the car and discovered that due to COVID, the sanctuary was closed. Taylor’s heart sank. They walked for a little while but got too cold. Taylor had a jacket, but Jolene did not, and because the ring was in his pocket, he couldn’t offer his jacket to her. So to avoid further questions while his beloved stood there freezing, he suggested that they go back to the car.

Once inside the car, with the heat on, Taylor handed Jolene a box. But not a ring box. It was a flat, narrow box. Jolene opened it to find a keychain of the teal teapot from ‘The Office’. Held in place by the keyring, there was a note. As Jolene unfolded the paper, she read, “I love you as much as Jim loves Pam. Will you marry me?” She looked up from the note to see Taylor smiling at her, holding open a ring box.

Taylor & Jolene, we are so thrilled that you asked us to capture precious moments of your time as an engaged couple! To hear about your love for each other and see it put into action brings a huge smile to my face. I loved the time we got to spend with you adventuring through White City, in what started in the rain, but ended in something magical! Cam & I are so excited that we get to celebrate your 2021 Regina wedding with you!!!


Cam & Courtney

{ Taylor & Jolene Engagement 2020 }

Regina Engagement Photography - Taylor & Jolene - 001 - White City Engagement Session - Couple in walkway in White City
Regina Engagement Photography - Taylor & Jolene - 002 - White City Engagement Session - Black and white kissing forehead
Regina Engagement Photography - Taylor & Jolene - 003 - White City Engagement Session - Couple cuddling and laughing
Regina Engagement Photography - Taylor & Jolene - 004 - White City Engagement Session - Sitting and kissing


  1. Love this! Thank you Cam and Courtney!!

    • Our pleasure! You guys made it SO easy!!!

  2. Awe, beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple?

    • Most definitely! They are a beautiful couple inside and out!


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