Swereda Family – Fall 2023

Oct 11, 2023 | Blog, Family

Oh, fall, how we adore thee! The vibrant leaves, the crisp air, and the warm hues of nature’s brilliance – it’s like a symphony for the senses. For us, the Swereda family’s annual fall photo session is like a cherished refrain in this seasonal melody.

We have been blessed to document the Swereda family’s journey for several years now, documenting their love story since their engagement and watching their family grow. These sessions have become such a beautiful reunion year after year, and this year’s session was no exception!

As we met up with the Swereda family at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, which they had visited the day prior, we were greeted by the warm smiles of Jarrett and Teala. Their kids, Lyla and Ian, have grown so much since we last saw them, and it never ceases to amaze us how quickly time flies. Ian, a bundle of energy at two years old, was all giggles and following his big sister as they ran up and down the path. Lyla, with her cute pink glasses and a heart full of charm, was as sweet as ever, wanting to run, play and be held by both of her parents.

The trees had begun to lose their leaves, providing a symphony of fall sounds as we walked. And those fallen leaves also made for a great playtime, and for some great photos, as we gathered them up to toss them in the air. Even though Ian was a little unsure about the whole idea.

The giggles and laughter that exude from these children are some of the best around. It is beyond contagious to see these smiles and hear the laughter, a testament to the love and safety their parents have surrounded them with.

The Swereda family’s connection was evident in every frame we captured. Jarrett and Teala, still so deeply in love after all these years, radiated happiness. At every family session, we always try to steal a few minutes to capture the couple once again – not only documenting the kids or the family, but their unique, strong, and loving relationship as husband and wife. The foundation that makes this beautiful family unit possible.

Year after year, we count ourselves extremely blessed to document the couples and families we have been invited into. For us, these are more than just mere photo sessions, but rather a moment to connect, to breathe life into, and to cherish these friendships that we have been honoured to foster.

As we said our goodbyes to the Sweredas, the promise of future reunions hung in the air. We can’t wait to see how much Lyla and Ian will have grown by next year, what new adventures they’ll embark on, and what stories they’ll have to share.

Jarrett, Teala, Lyla, and Ian, as always, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Your love and the memories we’ve shared will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. Until next year, dear friends, when we’ll once again chase the autumn sun and capture the next chapter of your beautiful story!


Cam & Courtney

{ Swereda Family – Fall 2023 }

Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 01 - Siblings hold hands
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 02 - Little boy smiles at his sister
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 03 - Little boy in plaid shirt and jeans
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 04 - Mom poses with her two kids
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 05 - Little boy throws leaves
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 06 - Little girl in pink glasses with her dad
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 07 - Mom hugs her daughter
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 08 - Little boy laughs with dad
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 09 - Dad with his two kids
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 10 - Family of four on path
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 11 - Little girl with curly hair
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 12 - Family of four throws leaves
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 13 - Moment for mom and dad
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 14 - Two kids sit on blanket
Swereda Family - Royal Saskatchewan Museum - 15 - Mom and dad give kids piggybacks


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