Swereda Family – Fall 2022

Sep 8, 2022 | Family

I’m not sure if we can even technically call this a “fall” family session- it was over 30 degrees! But we will gladly take the warm weather as long as it is willing to stick around! We love catching up with Swereda family each and every year. While it is often hard to discern how much time has passed when you see other adults, kids add a whole new measure! They are taller than the last time you saw them, or they are walking or talking- this must be why most parents measure time around milestone accomplishments in their kids’ lives!

Since we last caught up with them, their son, Ian, has grown so much! He just celebrated his first birthday, and is now on the move! He is so much bigger than the wee little babe we had met last year! Lyla is just the sweetest, sporting her brand new pink glasses, and being sure to include her Peppa Pig stuffies everywhere she goes. When she responded with some words with a slight British accent, my heart skipped a beat!!

Jarrett & Teala, what a beautiful family you have made. They are two sweet little pumpkins, whom very clearly fill your hearts to overflowing. The love that you share, and the beautiful people that you are raising them to be is such a joy for us to capture year after year. We cannot wait to see how much they’ve grown in the next year!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Swereda Family – Fall 2022 }

Swereda Family - 01 - Regina Family - Family smile together on walking path
Swereda Family - 04 - Regina Family - Mother with her one year old son
Swereda Family - 02 - Regina Family - Toddler toes
Swereda Family - 11 - Regina Family - Little girl in chambray dress with her Peppa Pig stuffed plush
Swereda Family - 03 - Regina Family - Sibling hugs
Swereda Family - 05 - Regina Family - Girl with curly hair and pink glasses
Swereda Family - 07 - Regina Family - Family outside of TC Douglas Building
Swereda Family - 12 - Regina Family - Little boy plays peekaboo behind a pillar
Swereda Family - 06 - Regina Family - Girl twirls in her blue chambray dress
Swereda Family - 08 - Regina Family - Husband whispers in his wifes ear
Swereda Family - 09 - Regina Family - Mom and dad in a quiet moment
Swereda Family - 10 - Regina Family - Kids smile over mom and dads shoulders
Swereda Family - 13 - Regina Family - Squishy kisses


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