Stephen & Sarah – Summer 2021 Wedding

Jul 26, 2021 | Blog, Wedding

Stephen & Sarah got married on one of the hottest days yet this summer. When we arrived at the house where they were getting ready, Stephen told us that he wasn’t yet nervous. He said that it hadn’t hit him yet as everything “still didn’t feel quite real.” As he showed us to the separate rooms in the house where they would be getting ready, even in the increasing heat of the day, his demeanor remained calm and cool. That is until Sarah arrived. Once she got to the house, Stephen’s nerves started to kick in. 

Stephen wanted the first time he would see Sarah in her dress to be as she was walked down the aisle. He told us that there weren’t many traditional elements about their day, but that was one tradition he wasn’t willing to deviate from! Instead of doing a First Look before the ceremony, they decided to do a “First Touch”. Stephen, with the assistance of his mom, was blindfolded and then led into the backyard. Once he was in position, facing the opposite direction, Sarah stepped out of the house, slowly walking up behind her groom. 

Upon arriving at his place in the backyard, and having his blindfold removed, something in Stephen’s demeanor changed. The nerves started to ramp up as he waited for Sarah. He stood, wringing his hands, his weight shifting nervously from leg to leg. But that stopped in the instant he heard her voice. An overwhelming calm passed over him. As Sarah reached out, gently grasping his hands in her own, Stephen let out a sigh of relief as a rapidly spreading and uncontrollable grin spread across his face. 

The ceremony location that they chose held special meaning to Stephen & Sarah. It was the backdrop to their first date and was also where Stephen proposed! As the sun shone over them, the glow in his face almost shone brighter as Stephen watched his radiant bride walk toward him. He was stunned at how incredibly beautiful she was and took in every detail of her gorgeous two-piece dress. Overlooking Wascana Lake, they pledged their lives to one another, witnessed by friends & family and those joining by the online stream. 

Instead of a traditional large reception, Stephen & Sarah opted for a small, intimate backyard tea. During this time, they had the opportunity to visit with each person who attended, while enjoying the special elements of the program, including cutting their cake, first dance, and their unity ceremony. For their unity ceremony, Stephen & Sarah created a beautiful painting, the colours signifying the uniqueness in each of them now joined together to create something beautiful. 

After the conclusion of the afternoon tea, Sarah changed into another beautiful two-piece dress. This time, it was a gorgeous Lehenga (sari), as a celebration of her Sri Lankan heritage. As she completed the final touches to her outfit, she adorned beautiful gold jewelry, her bangles gently jingling with each movement. The bangles are believed to spread joy with each tinkle. There was a lot of joy circling that day, and each jingle brought a smile to our faces! Stephen & Sarah spent sunset with us, reflecting on all of the joy that had been wrapped up into that very special day.  

Stephen & Sarah, we are so thankful that you asked us to be part of your day. We absolutely loved the untraditional aspects, and that your main focus was your love for one another. We love you both and will be praying for you as you begin your journey as a married couple!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Stephen & Sarah }

Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 01 - Moores Suit with bowtie and socks
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 02 - Timothy adjusting Stephen's Bow Tie
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 03 - Groom final touches
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 04 - Bride's Lillian Wild dress from Sweet Pea and Noelle and Allegra K shoes
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 05 - Bride descending staircase
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 06 - Bridal hair done by Daniel Christopher Salon Regina
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 07 - Bride approaching Groom for First Touch
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 08 - Bride & Groom First Touch In Backyard
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 09 - Bride processional toward groom at Wascana Park overlook
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 10 - Bride & Groom vows at Wascana Park
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 11 - Groom leading bride through forest area at Wascana Park
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 12 - Stepehen & Sarah cuddling and kissing in Wascana trees
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 13 - Close-up of bride on groom's chest
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 14 - Bride & Groom strolling near the Saskatchewan Science Centre
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 15 - Groom dipping bride for a kiss in Wascana
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 16 - Bride & Groom kissing with veil swooping
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 17 - Bride and groom sitting with groom looking at camera
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 18 - Paint unity ceremony
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 19 - Unity paint as it flows across the canvas
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 06 - Couple cuts their vanilla buttercream cake from Cake by Beth Louise
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 20 - Wedding rings from Charm and Custom Made
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 06 - Custom salt and pepper diamond ring by Custom Made
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 21 - Bride & Groom first dance in backyard with bubbles
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 22 - Bride changing into her traditional Lehenga (Sari)
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 23 - Bride and Groom sunset photos at Cornwall Parkade in traditional Langa
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 24 - Bride and Groom in Cornwall Parkade at Sunset
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 26 - Close up of Bride's rings, bangals, and Langa
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 27 - Bride looking at camera at Sunset
Stephen & Sarah Wedding - 28 - Bride & Groom looking at camera at sunset in Cornwall Parkade

Wedding Vendors

Bride’s Hair: Daniel Christopher
Bride’s Custom Skincare: Natural Skin By Jenna
Bride’s Dress: Lillian Wild from Sweet Pea & Noelle
Bride’s Rings: CustomMade
Groom’s Ring: Charm Diamond Centres
Groom’s Suit: Moores – Clothing for Men
Bouquet: Wascana Flower Shoppe
Cake: Cake by Beth Louise

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  1. Nice to see here my cousin. Hè looks like a real Modderman. When you look at my picture, of my brother Gustaaf, my cousin Michiel, you see the same face and colour of our Hair( Brown yellow). I think Sarah, you cannot believen it, but is real. We are the moddermans. I am now 71, when Stephen is getting 60, his Hair is White. Much happiness and blessings for you in your marriage. I am a cousin of .Peter, Stephens father.


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