Spencer & Taylor – Fall Wedding 2023

Oct 28, 2023 | Blog, Wedding

We wrapped up our 2023 wedding season with Spencer & Taylor. Their wedding date was not only special because these two were joining hands and lives, but it was also their 9th anniversary! The date was actually set for the wedding before the proposal even happened.

Leading up to this incredible day, this couple did not slow down. If planning a wedding isn’t busy enough on its own, they also tackled moving to a new town, a new home and into new jobs. But don’t worry- they are both still teachers in the same school! How they managed to stay sane and handle all of the chaos of life AND wedding planning is beyond me! Well done, you guys!

Leading up to their wedding day, Taylor made the decision to forgo the traditional bouquet, choosing to infuse a deeply personal touch instead. She walked through the fields of her family’s land, collecting wheat, rosehips, and other native plants. With these treasures, she personally crafted unique bouquets that not only showcased their beauty but also symbolized their love and the significance of their roots.

Both Spencer & Taylor got ready at the Delta Hotel– the rooms with filled with joy, laughter and excitement. As Taylor got her finishing touches of hair and make-up, she got into her Anais Anette wedding dress. Ready for the next big moment. One Spencer & Taylor had both been looking forward to for a long time- the first look.

As Taylor tucked herself away in the adjoining bedroom, we set Spencer in place, giving him a moment to compose himself. He stood there, as the combination of excitement and nervousness filled the room. As cool and collected as he had been that morning, you could see his nerves starting to surface as he prepared to see his bride.

Taylor walked into the room, toward Spencer at which point he turned around, instantly taken over by his emotions. His gorgeous soon-to-be wife standing before him. We stood back to allow them to embrace and talk, taking each other in and coming to the full realization that this long-awaited day was finally here. In just a couple hours they would be husband and wife!

One of our favourite times of any wedding day is our time with the bride & groom. This is the time that we get some of our favourite photos, but more than that, this allows for intentional time between the two of them. No on-lookers (except us) and no interruptions. We wandered around the exterior of the TC Douglas building, allowing Spencer & Taylor moments to laugh, talk, hug and kiss. These two were so easy-going and fun to work with, not to mention absolutely adorable! We couldn’t wait for the next step – the wedding ceremony!

The Cure, where the wedding ceremony took place, was a special space in the backdrop of their story. This was the very location where they had their first date exactly nine years ago. What better way to commemorate your anniversary than getting married in the same space?! The Cure was adorned with amazing decor, arranged by Spencer’s mother, another beautiful and personal touch to their day.

Surrounded by their family and friends, the couple shared their vows and exchanged rings. The moment they said “I Do” and were pronounced husband and wife, the applause of the crowd was enveloping. Here they were, embraced and supported by so many people, on one of the most important days of their lives.

At the close of the ceremony, we noticed a great window seat by the front of The Cure where we wanted to take photos of the couple after the ceremony. Little did we know, that was also the exact table where the couple had sat on their first date. Moments after the ceremony was finished, we took advantage of the beautiful lighting and seats, to capture the first moments as husband & wife!

The celebration continued with the wedding party as we moved to another one of the couples’ favourite spots, Malty National. Here the crew grabbed a drink and a lawn chair in their back patio area to share some jokes, games, and to celebrate their newly married friends.

As the party continued, we made our way to the Turvey Centre for the reception. From the game of flip-cup for the wedding party, to the champagne tower, the first dance, and of course, the amazing food – the whole night was perfectly curated for Spencer & Taylor.

Spencer & Taylor, thank you for inviting us to capture your wedding day. May your love story continue to unfold. May you continue to make each other laugh. May you dig deep into the good things of marriage. As you step into this next phase of your relationship with so many new things (new jobs, new house, new town, and now married), may you always be each other’s advocates and best friend.


Cam & Courtney

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{ Spencer & Taylor – Fall Wedding 2023 }

Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 01 - Delta Hotel - Groom Getting Ready
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 02 - Delta Hotel - Groom's tie and shoes
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 03 - Delta Hotel - Custom Ring box and rings
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 04 - Delta Hotel - Bride's dress and final makeup touches
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 05 - Delta Hotel - Bride and Bridesmaids on Bed
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 06 - Delta Hotel - Bride getting into dress
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 07 - Delta Hotel - Bridal Party
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 08 - Delta Hotel - Grooom emotional at first look
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 09 - Delta Hotel - Bride and Grooom embracing after first look
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 10 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom Portrait
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 11 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom Close-up
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 12 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom Swaying with bride looking at camera
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 12 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom Walking and Dipping the bride
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 13 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom Embracing with close-up of ring
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 14 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom through leaves
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 15 - TC Douglas Building - Groom leading bride down the stairs
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 16 - TC Douglas Building - Bride & Groom walking through the fall leaves
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 17 - TC Douglas Building - Groom giving bride a piggy back ride and laughing
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 18 - The Cure - Bride being led in by father and brother
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 19 - The Cure - Bride placing ring on Groom's finger
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 20 - The Cure - Bride & Groom at their spot by the window
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 21 - Malty National - Wedding party in a circle in vintage lawn chairs
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 22 - Malty National - Bride & Groom with Malty National Shirts
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 22 - Provincial Archive Building - Entire Wedding Party
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 23 - Provincial Archive Building - Groom and Groomsmen walking
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 24 - Provincial Archive Building - Bride & Grooom sitting
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 25 - Provincial Archive Building - Bride & Groom nuzzling
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 26 - Turvey Centre - Reception Flip Cup
Spencer & Taylor Wedding - 27 - Turvey Centre - Champaign Tower

Wedding Vendors

Bridal Party Hair & Makeup: Blush Beauty Bar
Bride’s Dress: Sweet Pea & Noelle | Anais Annette
Bride’s Earrings: Oneiro
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Alterations: Prahsik
Bridesmaid Jewelry: K & B Jewelry
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Trinos Menswear
Groomsmen Ties & Suspenders: Azazie
Wedding Rings: Modern Gents
Custom Ring Box: Etsy
Birthday Cakes: Queen City Cakes
Photo Location/Local Brewery: Malty National
Ceremony Venue: The Cure
Reception Venue: Turvey Center
DJ: Platinum Music Services


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