Shane & Chelsea Engagement

Nov 2, 2019 | Blog, Engagement

Shane bought the ring, without any guidance from Chelsea. So the proposal was a complete surprise to her! In the week leading up to the proposal, Chelsea tells us that Shane was acting weird. He was saying strange things and wasn’t looking at her the same. It was so strange that Chelsea was wracking her brain. She was trying to figure out if she had said or done something that might’ve upset Shane. The truth is, Shane is a terrible secret keeper. He was so scared that he would blow the surprise. So his strange behavior was out of love for Chelsea!

One evening, Shane & Chelsea were getting ready for supper with their friends. Chelsea couldn’t take it anymore. She stopped Shane, asking him if everything was ok. He walked away, holding their son, while Chelsea continued getting ready in the bathroom. Shane went to the garage for a moment, and then came back. He asked Chelsea, “Have you seen Hendrix’s new shirt?” Shane held up a shirt that said, “Mommy, will you marry my daddy?” He got down on one knee, and through her tears, Chelsea finally understood why he had been acting so strange.

Shane & Chelsea, thank you so much for sharing your love with us! I loved hearing your stories of growing up together. Including the embarrassing memories that just make you (and us!) laugh! Never stop laughing together, and taking time to celebrate the little things. Congratulations again on your engagement, and upcoming Regina wedding!


Cam & Courtney

{ Shane & Chelsea Engagement }


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