Scott & Ashley – Fall 2023

Nov 1, 2023 | Blog, Family

Every single year we have the incredible privilege of reuniting with Scott and Ashley, a couple whose love story never ceases to inspire us. Our annual rendezvous has become a cherished tradition- a journey that allows us to witness the growth and evolution of their remarkable relationship. This year, we embarked on another unforgettable adventure, exploring the beauty of Kiwanis Park and Rotary Park.

Our journey with Scott and Ashley began in the heart of Kiwanis Park, near the waterfall. The waterfall had been shut off for the season, as we have unfortunately entered the colder season of Saskatchewan. Thankfully, this day was the day before the weather turned. It was actually the PERFECT day for a photo session. Warm temperature and very minimal wind- which, if you live or have visited here, you know that rarely happens!

The way these two have always embraced each other is inspiring. Not just the hugs and kisses they share, but emotionally as well. They care and respect for each other so deeply. When you are around these two, you can’t help but smile! They are some of the sweetest and kindest people in the world.

They are all too familiar with our own quirkiness and prompts, which makes it so easy to just jump into the session and have neither of them miss a beat. We did throw a curve ball this time though, and had an impromptu dance party to some salsa music – as that is the beat to Ashley’s heart! Scott isn’t much for dancing, but his love for Ashley is far greater, so he jumped right in to give it a go!

As we journeyed with Scott & Ashley around Kiwanis Park and the Rotary Park bridge, their love was palpable as always! Their laughter filled the air, and the atmosphere was thick with warmth and joy. Even if it had been a cold day, the warmth of their personalities could have warmed up the entire park.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Scott and Ashley’s love story is the way they communicate with each other. Their words are laced with intention, conveying encouragement, support, and appreciation for the other. The heartfelt conversations between them speak volumes about the depth of their connection. Their relationship reminds everyone who knows them that love isn’t just a feeling; it’s a daily choice to uplift, inspire, and encourage.

Year after year, it’s a privilege to witness their relationship grow and flourish, to see them through their ups and downs, to see how their connection deepens, and to be part of the legacy they are building through our photos.

Scott and Ashley, you have our deepest admiration and warmest wishes for the year ahead. We’re always incredibly grateful to be part of your story and we can’t wait to capture more beautiful moments in the years to come. Continue to love each other well, inspiring others to do the same!


Cam & Courtney

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{ Scott & Ashley – Fall 2023 }

Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 01 - Husband leads wife over the bridge
Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 02 - Wife smiles at husband on bridge
Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 03 - Couple kisses in shower of leaves
Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 04 - Couple does salsa in the park
Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 05 - Couple share a kiss under the trees
Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 06 - Couple hold hands down the path
Scott & Ashley - Kiwanis Park Regina - 07 - Looking over the water on Rotary Park bridge
Scott & Ashley - Rotary Park Bridge Regina - 08 - Canoe on the water under the bridge
Scott & Ashley - Rotary Park Bridge Regina - 09 - Husband leans in for a kiss


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