Schlamp Family – Fall 2023

Oct 30, 2023 | Blog, Family

As we knew was coming, the fall nip is giving way to the early hints that winter is coming soon. We woke up to a good frost but took our chance on an early morning session at Wascana Park near the Science Center with the Schlamp family to try to beat out the impending weather that the upcoming forecast had predicted. But it paid off in spades!

We love having the opportunity to capture families over the course of many years. It is like a unique time capsule that we can look back at. We see members of the Schlamp family quite often, so it is hard to tell how much they’ve grown. But looking back at our last shoot, they were so much younger!

Since our 2020 shoot, the Schlamp kids have grown up so much. Each child is a few grades older. Andrew is now in high school and just wrapped up his first year as the starting quarterback (GO BEARS!).

Ada & Nathan are growing so much, I cannot believe how much they have changed. Nathan and his clear sense of his likes and dislikes just kill me. He made us laugh so much with his stone face, which reminded us a little of a mob boss at times… But Nathan has a heart of gold, which leads me to believe his mafia days may be few.

Ada’s sweetness and equal part sass have increased, and she is sure of what she wants. And the girl could create a runway anywhere she decides to! I love how certain she is and boy, is she going to give those brothers a run for their money!

The biggest shock, for me, was looking back at how much they have grown out of those baby faces into adult and little people’s faces. They’ve grown into their cheeks, maybe even swapped some baby teeth for adult teeth, and obviously, the height is a very noticeable difference!

Schlamp family, we are so thankful for your friendship. We love who all of you are, and the roles that you play in our lives. Best friends, teammates, encouragers, cheerleaders, hug givers- you are each such a tremendous blessing to our family in a unique way. We are thankful for each of you, and cannot wait to make many more memories together.


Cam & Courtney

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{ Schlamp Family – Fall 2023 }

Schlamp Family - 01 - Wascana Park - Entire Family
Schlamp Family - 02 - Wascana Park - Siblings in a group hug
Schlamp Family - 03 - Wascana Park - Youngest two with their parents
Schlamp Family - 04 - Wascana Park - Oldest son portrait
Schlamp Family - 05 - Wascana Park - Jackie & Ada
Schlamp Family - 06 - Wascana Park - Siblings walking hand in hand
Schlamp Family - 07 - Wascana Park - Family skipping together
Schlamp Family - 08 - Wascana Park - Bryce and Jackie
Schlamp Family - 09 - Wascana Park - Nathan
Schlamp Family - 10 - Wascana Park - Ada
Schlamp Family - 11 - Wascana Park - Andrew
Schlamp Family - 12 - Wascana Park - Family sitting on blanket in the park
Schlamp Family - 13 - Wascana Park - Family Portrait
Schlamp Family - 14 - Wascana Park - Sibling Sandwich
Schlamp Family - 15 - Wascana Park - Bryce & Jackie - Couple Portraits
Schlamp Family - 16 - Wascana Park - Couple Roll-Up
Schlamp Family - 17- Wascana Park - Family group hug


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