Schlamp Family – 2020

Sep 21, 2020 | Blog, Family

We have known the Schlamp family for a number of years now- well, actually our ties go pretty far back. Cam went to elementary school with Jackie at Stewart Russell. For highscool, Cam was at Campbell Collegiate, but Jackie & I both attended F.W. Johnson Collegiate. Jackie was a trainer for my basketball team, and I thought she was one of the sweetest people around- which still stands true today! When our oldest son started school, we heard so much about his best friend, Andrew, who we found out was actually Bryce & Jackie’s oldest son. AND, after going to kindergarten together last year, our youngest son is friends with theirs! It is so crazy to see our kids grow up together when I still don’t quite feel like a grown-up!

Schlamp family, thank you so much for sharing your joy with us. As a parent, I am beyond thankful that our kids have found your kids to be friends with. To know that they are friends with such good kids, who have been raised by generous and caring parents is more than I could ever ask for. I don’t think we tell fellow parents this enough, but you have done an amazing job with your kiddos! I can see exactly why my kids gravitated toward yours. They have extensive superhero knowledge, magnetic personalities, and radiant laughs. I loved every minute of our time with you and hope that there is more in our future. Possibly with a D&D game or two thrown in!


Cam & Courtney

{ Schlamp Family 2020 }

Schlamp Family 2020 - 001 - Regina Family Photographer - Family walking through the field
Schlamp Family 2020 - 002 -Regina Family Photographer - Husband & Wife
Schlamp Family 2020 - 003 - Regina Family Photographer - Family photo in field with dog
Schlamp Family 2020 - 004 - Regina Family Photographer - Family laughing
Schlamp Family 2020 - 005 - Regina Family Photographer - Kids together and individual
Schlamp Family 2020 - 006 - Regina Family Photographer - Kids running
Schlamp Family 2020 - 007 - Regina Family Photographer - Husband and wife walking dog
Schlamp Family 2020 - 008 - Child chasing siblings
Schlamp Family 2020 - 009 - Regina Family Photographer - Kids laying with heads together
Schlamp Family 2020 - 010 - Regina Family Photographer - Family hugging

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  1. I adore them all!!


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