Ryan & Melissa – Summer Engagement 2022

Jul 9, 2022 | Blog, Engagement

Ryan & Melissa met about three and a half years ago. As is a very common detail among our couples, they met online through the Bumble app. Ryan admitted that he had attempted online dating before and had been having absolutely terrible luck with dates he had gone on. When he came across Melissa’s profile, he was unsure, and almost didn’t swipe, but then he noticed that she had a linked Spotify playlist on her profile. That playlist was what sold him- she liked Underoath, among other hardcore bands, that hugely resonated with Ryan. 

Their first date was to a coffee house, and after over THREE hours of continuous conversation, they needed to pause to grab more coffee! Conversation flowed freely between the two of them. The more they talked, they discovered that they grew up leading similar lives, only provinces apart- Ryan in BC and Melissa here in Saskatchewan.

Ryan was drawn to Melissa’s drive and the goals she had set for her life. Melissa was immediately intrigued that Ryan didn’t shy away from hard conversations and that every word he spoke was said with intention. Before the first date was over, Ryan had already asked her what she was doing on the weekend. She told him that she was free Friday, but had plans for Saturday. So Ryan went out on a limb and said, “So, we’re going out again then on Friday?” Obviously, that second date turned into a third, and the rest is history!

As things progressed in their relationship, Ryan & Melissa went to look at engagement rings together. Ryan had gone alone ahead of time, and had an idea of the ring he would choose, but wanted Melissa to have a say as it would be hers to wear forever! Unknowingly, she ended up picking out the exact same ring that Ryan had chosen! To try to keep her in the dark about which ring he ended up buying, Ryan led Melissa to believe that he had to downsize the ring due to budget- just to throw her off the trail! 

Ryan & Melissa always go out to The Diplomat to celebrate any of their special life events- like birthdays or anniversaries. For New Year’s Eve 2021, they made plans to once again celebrate at The Diplomat. Ryan had another special life event that was going to happen that night- he was going to propose! Ryan had the ring but was too nervous to transport it to the restaurant without the box, BUT the ring box was huge! He didn’t want Melissa to notice it in his pocket on the way, so even though he was already wearing a peacoat, he also wore his winter coat over top. Needless to say, he was sweating the whole way there!

They sat down, enjoyed their dinner, and then Melissa was ready for dessert. Ryan asked their server to take a picture of the two of them, and the next thing Melissa knew, Ryan was down on one knee proposing. Melissa started ugly crying in the restaurant, and Ryan had to ask a second time as she couldn’t answer! But eventually, he got an emphatic “YES!”

Ryan & Melissa, you are two of the absolute sweetest people we have ever met. We are so happy that you found one another, and can look forward to building a future together. Your engagement session was so much fun, full of laughter, and dancing. I adore the fact that you shared with us about how you dance together down the aisles to the music in grocery stores- don’t ever lose that joy! Marriage is all about finding joy in the everyday moments, and we would encourage you to continue dancing together as long as your hips will allow it!


Cam & Courtney

{ Ryan & Melissa – Summer Engagement 2022 }

Ryan & Melissa - 01 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple walks through tall grass
Ryan & Melissa - 02 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple walks through tall grass holding hands
Ryan & Melissa - 03 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Groom wraps up his beloved
Ryan & Melissa - 04 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Bride to be shows off her ring and heart tattoo on her wrist
Ryan & Melissa - 05 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple sits in the tall grass
Ryan & Melissa - 06 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple laughs as they walk down a trail
Ryan & Melissa - 07 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple smiles as they embrace
Ryan & Melissa - 08 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple stands together on dock
Ryan & Melissa - 09 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Groom gives bride piggyback on dock
Ryan & Melissa - 10 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple sit on dock
Ryan & Melissa - 11 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Bride & Groom stand in the sunset
Ryan & Melissa - 12 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Bride & Groom sit in the evening light
Ryan & Melissa - 13 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Bride & Groom nuzzle noses
Ryan & Melissa - 14 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple walks in dress clothes at sunset
Ryan & Melissa - 15 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Solitaire diamond on wild purple flower
Ryan & Melissa - 16 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Couple holds hands on side of hill
Ryan & Melissa - 17 - Wascana Habitat Conservation Area - Groom lifts and spins bride in a field of wild flowers


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