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Jun 16, 2013 | Blog, Our Life

Before our trip, we made a dream list of ‘to do’s’ while we were in Uganda, and a trip to see the equator was one of those things.  Today after church, we made the trek out of Kampala to do just that.  It was 83 km from where we started until we arrived at the equator- bet you can’t guess how long it took us to drive there?  I can tell you travelling here is definitely NOT like a Canadian 60 km should take an hour or less type scenario…  To go 83 km, it took us over two, two and a half hours- TWO AND A HALF HOURS to go 83 KM!  The road we took was under construction, probably for the last many, many years, and at points it was downright frightening.  Ugandan drivers are terrible on ‘good’ roads, but this was even worse.  We are heading out on our way to safari tomorrow, and have been told that the road tomorrow is far worse than what we saw today- yikes!  On our way to the equator, we saw a cement truck that had tipped over, but we didn’t see any people around.  My dad said something about how the driver had probably gone to find help to put it back upright.  We all laughed at how funny a thought that was, but on our way back…  no word of a lie, there were probably about 10 guys with a Toyota Tercel and a chain trying to pull this cement truck up again.  It is crazy that these sorts of things are starting to become ‘normal’ to me!

We are heading out to visit a rhino sanctuary tomorrow, which will be kind of awesome- you get out of your vehicle and get to see the rhinos from a ‘close, but safe distance’- okay, in African standards, I’m curious to see what that looks like!  We will continue on our way to Gulu, where we will spend the night.  On Tuesday, we are heading to safari to see some hippos, elephants, hopefully some lions- can’t wait!  Internet won’t be too readily available, but if I can get a post in, I will be sure to do that!


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