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Jun 15, 2017 | Blog, Family

The sun has come out. The wind has too. Construction is in abundance. That can only mean one thing- summer is on it’s way! And that means- family sessions! Family sessions are SO much fun! Especially when you add a six year old girl to the mix. You’ve never seen energy, until you’ve hung out with a six year old girl. We have a six year old girl in our house too, so I was anticipating the fun she’d bring along with her!


This weekend, Cam and I had the honour of capturing some memories for the Pasnak family. What fun we had! We LOVE taking photos of families. Obviously, we both really enjoy taking photos, but something that I find equally as fun is getting to know them in our time together! We got to hear about their daughter’s likes and dislikes- which led to an interesting conversation about a caterpillar we found. In typical six year old girl fashion, that poor little caterpillar bounced back and forth between the “like” and “dislike” categories very quickly. She even got to try her hand at snapping a few pictures with Cam’s camera, check out the photo she helped Cam take below!


Thank you, Pasnak family, for allowing Cam and I to spend some time making and capturing memories with you. It was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning!


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